How Men Know When They’ve Found the Right Person


You’ve heard the story before: a man sees a woman from across a crowded, smoky room, watches her smile and move toward the bar to order a drink and he just feels it. He turns to his friend and says, “That’s the woman I’m going to marry.” And then somehow, magically, he does. It’s a fairytale that we all wish our relationship resembled but most of the time, the reality of the ins-and-outs of loves are far different. Some couples date for four years before getting down the altar, others do it the speedy way and end up divorced. Or together forever. There’s no right way or wrong way to figure out when is the best time to get married, but just like you, men have to figure out for themselves if a woman is the right one or not.

Though every man is different, we talked to a few happily married men to figure out just what gives them a clue that their woman is the woman.

She’s Gentle and Tough, Depending on the Situation

Yes, men love to be needed – it’s in their DNA. A woman who is overly independent and doesn’t ask for help makes men feel like they’re useless. But on the other hand, guys also want a girl that they know can be there through tough situations and not lose their cool.

She’s Open About Her Sexuality

Nobody likes someone they have to talk into getting frisky all the time – it’s probably the biggest turn-off there is. Though men want to initiate most of the time, statistically speaking, it really gets them going when you make the first move. Be bold and talk about your desires with your man – it’s exactly what he wants in a wife.

She’ll Make a Good Mother

Even if a man doesn’t want to have children right after getting married, it’s difficult for most men to marry someone who doesn’t want children or doesn’t seem like she’d be a good mom. He’ll look for someone who is like his mom and someone who is kind to his nieces/nephews and animals.

She Likes What He Likes

Opposites do attract, but having a similar set of goals and interests helps a man fall more in love and want to stay in love. Maybe you both like biking or going to concerts. Or you both really love to cook and try new dishes. These things help build experiences and everlasting memories together.

By Aurora Brown

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  1. Nonso says:

    How advisable is it for a lady to over pamper her man,spend money on him,feed him often just to make him love her more than her rival? Pls inbox me your reply.thank you

  2. juliette says:


    pampering your man can’t be a bad thing if it’s all done in the name of love, but love shouldn’t be a competition. If your man loves you, you shouldn’t have to fight over him with another woman, especially if that means whoever spends the most money on him is going to win.


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