The 10 Pros of a Long Engagement Period



Whether you had to postpone your wedding because of the pandemic or  you are just in no rush to start planning, there are many advantages that come with enjoying a long engagement period, here is our list of 10.



  1. First and foremost, if you got engaged early in your relationship, the engagement period is here to help you test out whether or not you will be compatible until death do you part. As we live longer lives, waiting a couple of years before saying I do seems to make a lot of sense.

  2. You get to truly enjoy being officially “committed” before getting into the stress of wedding planning. There’s even a name for this phase, the engagement honeymoon. It can last months or years, depending on your relationship.

  3. You get to celebrate engagement anniversaries and turn them into special date nights.

  4. You can seize a long engagement opportunity  to propose back to your partner. Yes, even if you are a woman and he is a guy! 

  5. You can make time to catch up with other life events before getting into wedding planning. Maybe one of you is still at a stage in their career that commands attention.  A family member might have to deal with some personal issues and you need to give them space and time, or show up to support and help them. It could also happen that one of your cousins got engaged first, and you want to make  sure the limelight is fully focused on them first.

  6. You can save more money to get the wedding of your dreams.

  7. You can relieve some of the stress of wedding planning by taking extra time to put everything together.

  8. If you are pregnant, you can wait to get married until after your child is born. This way, they  will be able to attend the wedding. 

  9. You can handle other important couple projects first, such as buying a home together.

  10. You can plan to wait until Covid is totally gone, so all your family and friends can travel safely to your dream destination wedding location.

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