QUIZ : Should You Propose to Him?
Should you do it? Why not... take our quiz to find out!
Why Do We Still Expect Men to Propose?
Given the ongoing battle for equality in the workplace, the desire for many duos to have and foster a balanced partnership—why do men still feel the pressure to be the proposers?
A Leap Year Proposal: She Proposed to Him!
This amazing woman from B.C. planned the cutest proposal for her boyfriend. She took the irish tradition at heart, and set up a fantastic scavenger hunt.
Leap Year Proposal: Propose to Your Man on February 29
Think women proposing is an entirely new phenomenon? Think again! The tradition of women proposing on Leap Year dates all the way back to the 5th century Ireland.
How Jessica Proposed Back to Kwan
I was supposed to go first but he surprised me because he couldn’t let the important date go by.