How Jessica Proposed Back to Kwan




Kwan proposed to me onstage at the Miss Colorado for America pageant on my 39th birthday/39 month sobriety birthday…a few days later I asked back. I was supposed to go first but he surprised me because he couldn’t let the important date go by. 

I had my son take him out to go shopping. When they arrived at my dance studio, I was in the waiting room with a candlelit dinner set up. I spelled out “will you marry me” in votive candles across the bench and had little items to signify all the things that we will go through together. Holidays, picnics, inside jokes, etc. Then I turned on the TV and I have made a  movie trailer parody for “Crazy Rich Asians”, called “Crazy Hot Asian”. The joke was that we were about to get married and he had never told me he was hot. The parts were played by all of the people close to us from my kids to his grandmother. 

After the movie trailer, we went into the dance studio. The room was full of our friends and family. Along the back wall were my dancers, my kids and my mom lined up holding letters spelling out “Kwan, will u marry us 2?” (each of them decorated their letter themselves).  Instead of yelling surprise, everyone yelled “say yes!”. 

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I then took him over to the seating in front of the mirror at the front of the room and that was everyone’s cue to take their places for the flash mob. The song “Foolish” by Meghan Trainor came on and I started singing along and dancing. Throughout the three minute flash mob, dancers kept adding to the routine until the entire floor was full of my students, fitness clients and friends (including my childhood dance instructors). At the end of the song we all ended up on one knee, with me right in front of him. At that point my oldest child sent me over Kwan’s engagement ring (A replica of his high school class ring that had been stolen years before) on a red balloon (he wrote a children’s story called the Red Balloon that helps kids deal with adoption from Asian countries). I made my speech about how much I loved him and how although he started alone in this world, now there were two of us. At that point my youngest child sent me over a second ring for me that matched his.

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