6 Straight Couples Who Picked Matching Engagement Rings


Matching engagement rings
We are in awe of how creative women get when proposing to their boyfriend. Follow the Propose Too Instagram page if you don’t believe us!

When it comes to picking the engagement token for him to wear, women are also thinking outside of the box. Our favorite trend is when engagement ring and mangagement ring follow a similar design theme, almost matching but not quite.

Here are 6 couples with matching engagement rings which should give you some great inspo for when your time comes.

How about matching gemstones?

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This double proposal story is amazing! “On New Year’s Eve, a few hours before the stroke of 2018, Ramiro twirled me away from him on the dance floor. The band was magically, randomly, playing our song. When I twirled back towards him, he was down on one knee, holding the ring he had custom-made for me and asked me to marry him. On-lookers started clapping for us before I had uttered a reply. I was shocked and terrified. I looked into the tear-filled eyes of the man I loved so dearly and said, “Yes.” We only have a photo of us that night before the proposal, but it is a memory I will never forget. A month and a half ago, while we were on our five-year anniversary trip to London, Paris, and the English countryside, I arranged for a wonderful photographer, Jackie McDine, to meet us at the Stourhead gardens for our engagement photos. Little did Ramiro know that there I was planning to also propose with the custom ring I had made for him, too. I knew he would probably say yes, but I was still incredibly nervous. When I got down on one knee, it was an affirmation of my deep love and commitment to him. He was genuinely surprised and (luckily for me) said yes. We are both wearing rings with emeralds from the same designer.” @sarahsica360 ? @foxandbeauphotography #engagement101 #proposetoo #doubleproposal #proposeback #newcouplegoals #engagementphotos #proposal #proposalstory #proposalinspiration #weareengaged

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100% Matchy Matchy

Color coordinated & Eco-Conscious

Just a slight design difference (read the caption)

Matching Geeky Rings

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