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How does it feel when your girlfriend proposes to you?

We have shared over 100 reverse proposals stories since we launched the Propose Too initiative. It’s a thing! More women are proposing first or back to their boyfriend. We wanted to know how it feels in the moment to get proposed to by your woman and how it feels now. Thanks to 5 men who shared their point of view with us.

“The first thing I have to express is how absolutely shocking it was to be proposed to. Suki and I had talked about marriage; we both knew we would be getting engaged within the year. It never occurred to me that she would be the one to make it happen. At first I needed a minute to process what was going on but the moment I realized she was asking to marry me, I never felt more loved than that instant.

It’s one thing for her to say yes to you, it’s something completely different to be asked yourself. The sudden understanding that she truly wanted to spend her life with me, that it was an active desire and not simply something she was passively waiting for, and that she was willing to give me the incredible honor of saying yes was completely overwhelming. I didn’t know I was capable of experiencing so much happiness at once. In daily life, it’s hard to justify terms like euphoria, exuberance, and elation; they sound baroque and excessive to cynically modern ears. But every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a moment like the one when Suki proposed to me, and all the other words seem too small.”


“I was caught totally by surprise because we’ve had conversations about not getting married, but I am super happy and excited about it! At least I know she really wants it!”


“I couldn’t have been happier. Whenever I tell people we’re engaged, I always mention that she proposed to me. About when she did it and how she did it. It was the best and most unexpected moment of my life.”


“Jade gave me a letter explaining how she felt about me. I read it and stood in silence. I never thought she’d ask me. The ring was in the drawer and I said yes. I was overcome with so much love, I just want to spend my life with this amazing woman.”


‘When we walked into the bakery, I thought we were just getting cake and didn’t even noticed the cake toppers with my own name! When Rae grabbed me by the shoulders to turn me in her directions she could propose, it all immediately clicked what was happening and I sort of blacked out. My heart was pounding and I was hyperaware of everything happening in the room and being the center of attention. At the same time, I wanted to laugh and I felt like I was exploding with a smile.

It was one of the best moments of my life and I felt so loved, so honored, and very humbled that Rae would ask to marry me. Rae asked months ago if I was a guy who wanted a proposal. I said I was open to the idea. Not because of ego, but because it only seems right that both partied should have the ability to express wanting to take the next step, with all the nerves, hope, and vulnerability that entails. I feel like it opens up a world of potential when either of us could have been the one to ask, and it gave both of us agency/power in our relationship, rather than her being beholden to me. “


Guys, they are just like us!!!!

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