Plan Your Engagement Party at Your Parent's Home
No one knows you better than family, so leave it to them to throw you a little soiree. You’ll appreciate the comfortable setting, while knowing the hosts are eager to accommodate your requests.
Plan Your Engagement Party at a Restaurant
Get used to enjoying a big day that doesn’t require you to lift a finger! Be a guest at your own function by booking a restaurant to host your event. You and your other half will enjoy some well-des
Plan a Garden Party for Your Engagement
Are you and your fiancé happiest among the great outdoors? Toast to your upcoming nuptials in a garden setting where your love will continue to bloom.
Plan Your Engagement Party in Your Home
There’s nothing more intimate than inviting family and friends over to your abode. You’ll be in your element so dress for comfort and utilize what you have as decorations!
When Should You Pick Your Bridal Party?
The most important person you stand next to on the alter is your soon-to-be husband and lifelong partner, but those who surround you on that special day make a commitment to your wedding and to your m
Yay, You’re Engaged! Here’s How to Set the Date
When you’re pinning away on Pinterest and have that (amazing) sinking feeling in your stomach that the question is just about to be popped, there is no other more magical feeling. Even after he utte
4 Cocktail Recipes For The Perfect Engagement Party
In love of fancy drinks? What better occasion than your engagement party to introduce your guests to some tasty creations?
David Meister Fall 2012 Cocktail Dresses Collection: Find the Perfect Dress for Your Engagement Party!
David Meister fall 2012 collection features elegant retro cocktail dresses. From classic gowns to sexy dresses, get inspired and find the perfect outfit for your upcoming engagement party.
Throw a Sophisticated Dessert and Champagne Party
Sweeten up your guests with a dessert and champagne celebration.
Have the Best Engagement Party in 8 Easy Tips
Planning an engagement party can be daunting, so here are some tips to help you kick off your own personal wedding season with style.