Do’s and Don’ts of Accepting a Marriage Proposal


You’ve imagined it a million times (and with a few different guys, probably) but if you think your big moment is coming this holiday, you’re probably so excited you can hardly hold your eggnog. But while it will be an experience you will never forget, there are a few things to keep tucked away in the back of your mind for when that question is popped.

Here are the etiquette rules of accepting a marriage proposal from your favorite man on this planet:

DON’T Nag Him About It

So you might have stumbled across the engagement ring (hey, it happens) or one of your friends might have given away a clue (‘Oh, but nothing happened with you and John today, dear? Nothing?’) – but even if you know it’s coming, don’t try to rush it. And don’t snoop! There’s nothing worse than figuring out what’s going to happen before it does.

DO Start Thinking About What You’ll Say

He might have a lot to say in his proposal or barely anything – everyone is different. He might get a little choked up and not be able to finish the speech he prepared. And while you might forget everything in the moment too, try to consider what you might say in return (you know, in addition to a screaming, excited ‘Yes!’).

DON’T Cut Him Off

While it might take him longer than you thought to get through his proposal, don’t interrupt him and fall into his arms. It might be romantic, but he probably has something specific he wants to say, and if you cut him off, you never get to hear those sweet words he designed just for you.

DO Get a Weekly Manicure

If you’re a girly girl – and we know you’ll be thinking about Instagram! – go ahead and get a weekly manicure. It’s your treat anyway, and regardless of when he proposes, you’ll have some nice, soft hands all winter long!

DON’T Post a Photo Anywhere Until You Tell Your Family

There’s nothing that could break your parents’ hearts more than finding out you’re engaged via Facebook. Though you might want to tell the whole world, use the night of the proposal to let your closest friends and family know – by a phone call, not a text – and then celebrate alone together.

DO Cherish the Moment

It’s easy to start dreaming about wedding dresses and your color scheme and where you’ll get married, but you only have one day in your entire life that is the day you got engaged- so savor it! There’s plenty ahead of you, but for now, it’s just the very first day of the rest of your life together as man and wife.

By Lindsay Tigar

Photo Credit: Travis Swan on Flickr

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  1. noemi fernandez says:

    Thanks this really helps i was told it would happen within this year so i definatly need these do’s and dont’s greatly appreciated

  2. Wanda Austin says:

    I appreciate these comments they were very helpful

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