Thanksgiving: a Meaningful Time for a Proposal


The holidays have arrived and there’s no better time than now to propose. Jump-start the Christmas crowd and propose on Thanksgiving! Why, you ask? Well, in my opinion, there’s no better holiday to propose. Let me tell you why.


1. The family is together.

Thanksgiving is a time where everyone sits around the table to eat a fantastic meal, or maybe you sit in front of the football game, or eat outside– whatever your tradition is, it’s one where everyone is already planning on being together. What better way to propose than to have her surrounded by those most important to her, a family you’ll become a part of? Noted: Don’t propose in front of your family unless it’s a sure-thing and she’s already basically a part of it. It could get awkward, fast.

2. Better yet– you can have the family involved

Check out what this guy did below. Basically the girl’s mother starts giving a random speech before dinner and then another cousin gets up to give a speech, but doesn’t really have one and fumbles around a bit. Then the cousin points to the groom-to-be and says that he should say a speech. It’s the perfect set up to get the family feeling like they’re involved but also making it possible for the boyfriend to propose.

3. Your speech will write itself.

Rather than focusing on the things you love about her, why not focus on why you’re so thankful for her? This will be a different twist on the classic proposal, and it makes it easier to start your proposal and keep it a surprise because, hello, it’s thanksgiving! For all she knows, you’re just gushing over her. When you pull out that ring, or drop to one knee, that’s what will give it away.

4. It distracts the conversation from politics

If your family is anything like mine, there will be some kind of heated discussion about politics or religion or something that’s just downright uncomfortable. However, no uncles can get in a word war about sensitive issues when everyone is fawning over your future plans (and that beautiful ring of yours!). Trust me, you’re doing your family a favor by providing the topic of conversation.



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