How to Winter-Proof Your Proposal


It’s that time of year where everyone is bundled and if you’re planning an outdoor proposal, or a proposal in general, you may be worried that your girl could get frostbite as you try to get the ring on her finger.

Never fear.

Here are three suggestions on how to winter-proof your perfect, seasonally exceptional proposal.

1. Plan for the cold. This may be a no-brainer comment, but when I say plan for the cold, plan for the cold. If you’re writing your proposal in the snow and you want your girl to come out and look, or you’re taking a romantic moon-lit walk during the first snow, or whatever it may be– plan for it. Buy her things for this precise moment. You know what I mean? Make a check-list. She needs gloves (or mittens that have the fingerless option so you can still get that ring on without having to pry her whole hand out into the cold), a scarf (depending on her style), a thermos of hot chocolate or cider… plan for it. Make sure she knows it’s special and you’re thinking of her throughout the entire thing. If nothing else, make sure she has a coat on before you whisk her away for the romantic moment!

2. Assume you’ll run into some wind. If you’re using props (a snowman, lights, snow in general), make sure they are well anchored or you have a backup if a gust of wind takes frosty’s head away. This not only shows you were planning for everything, it gives you an opportunity to laugh if the wind interferes– but she doesn’t have to worry that you lost the most important accessory, the ring! Whatever you do, do not put that ring in the snow or tie it to the snowman’s arm or hide it under his hat until you are 100% positive that she is coming out. You do not want to lose it.

3. Propose indoors. If your girl is not one for winter sports, or winter in general, plan something cozy and intimate (or a big party– whatever your/her style may be!) inside. The last thing you want to do is try to pressure her to have this amazing outdoor proposal in the snow and lights when, really, she would much rather be cuddling by the fire with some hot chocolate. Cater this to her. After all, while you are both making a huge commitment and you want to impress her with your proposal, you are asking her the very important question. You don’t want her to get mad at you in the process because you insisted on going outside when it’s 30 degrees out there and she hates being cold.

All in all, as always, you want to be prepared. Plan every detail (including everything that can go wrong) and it’s better to come prepared with anything she might need so something doesn’t go wrong. Better to have more than you need, than less!


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