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One of the highlights of our year is diving into the enchanting world of Platinum Couples. We love talking to these charming duos, peeling back the curtain on their love stories and the epic proposals that make our hearts skip a beat. Traditionally, platinum engagement rings have been the epitome of timeless beauty, but 2023 has us all abuzz with some couples embracing distinctive and trend-setting platinum designs. It’s all about celebrating uniqueness, and redefining what an engagement ring is. Let’s discover this year’s Platinum Couples stories and join us in celebrating their love stories and beautiful rings.



Nicole’s journey is one of heart, connection, and an unexpected twist of fate that led to her engagement to Rich. For a decade, Nicole was the Colorado Avalanche arena emcee. However, a somber incident shook her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, where her family’s jewelry business, Hurdle’s Jewelry, stands. The King Soopers tragedy in 2021 left an indelible mark on the community, and it was then that Nicole decided to take action to honor the brave police officers involved during a special evening at an Avalanche game.  Nicole crossed paths with Rich, who was part of the group of officers. Although it wasn’t love at first sight, their journey began that night. But it would take more than a casual encounter to ignite the spark that would become their love story.

Over a month later, Nicole felt compelled to reach out to Rich and check on how he was doing. What started as a gesture of goodwill blossomed into a friendship, as their personalities clicked in an undeniable way. A hike in the beautiful outdoors would prove to be the catalyst for their connection. Amidst the serenity of nature, Nicole unwittingly decided to open the world’s loudest snack wrapper, much to their shared amusement.

Fast forward 2.5 years, and the couple embarked on the same hike that had played witness to the beginning of their love story. Unbeknownst to Nicole, Rich had a secret plan up his sleeve. Rich, an avid drone enthusiast and a landscape photographer, appeared to set up his equipment for a picturesque video of their surroundings. Little did she know, he was preparing to capture a moment that would change their lives forever. As they reached a stunning vista, Rich seized the opportunity and proposed, capturing the moment with his drone. From that point on, the rest is history, and their love story continues to unfold.

Nicole’s stunning 5.02 carat emerald-cut ring with trapezoid sides, set into a platinum crown and a delicate 18k yellow gold band, is a testament to her family’s legacy in jewelry. Her father, a third-generation jeweler, custom-designed this magnificent ring. Nicole’s choice of platinum carries deep significance: its purity provides a secure setting for the diamond, its durability ensures longevity, and the white metal beautifully complements the diamond’s brilliance. The enchanting two-tone look captures her unique style, making it an ideal symbol of their enduring love.



Jessica and Kevin’s love story took an enchanting turn in October 2022. It all happened during a picturesque getaway that Jessica’s fiancé, Kevin, had meticulously planned in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York.  To celebrate Fall, they make it a tradition to soak in the breathtaking foliage, so this trip didn’t seem out of the ordinary at first. The only slightly suspicious detail was Kevin’s insistence that the couple’s exhuberant pup, Sadie, accompany them.

Once they arrived and settled in, they embarked on a hike to their all-time favorite spot, The Giant Ledge. Jess was huffing and puffing, complaining about the ascent. But Kevin wrapped his arms around her, provided moral support, and motivated her to press on. When they reached the summit, he handed Jess Sadie’s leash and suggested taking some selfies to capture the moment. What she didn’t expect was the surprises waiting for her in his backpack – one of them a new mini tripod. After a few cute snaps, Rich casually suggested they take a photo facing away from the stunning view. Little did Jess know that he had other plans in mind. He turned Jess around and, on one knee, presented her with the most beautiful ring she could have ever imagined.

The ring is a platinum-set radiant cut diamond ring with a perfect fit setting from Brilliant Earth. Kevin explained that he chose this setting to ensure their wedding band would align perfectly alongside it. Kevin chose platinum because it is not only enduring but also the best metal for an engagement ring. As if this romantic proposal weren’t enough, the recently enjoyed an engagementmoon in the dreamy city of Paris.



Photographed by Ditto Dianto

Emily and Granger connected on Hinge, 4 years ago, and she was immediately intrigued by the goofy animations he posted on his profile. They arranged to meet at the Lakeshore Cafe in Oakland. Granger kindly held the door open for her, and Emily was captivated by his bright blue-green eyes and his charming dimpled smile. She found it difficult to choose between a cappuccino and a mimosa, but when Granger encouraged her to order both, she knew she liked him!

They moved into a cozy apartment together just before the pandemic struck. They adopted a senior chihuahua, cultivated an elaborate patio garden with flowers and vegetables, went for daily sunset walks along the waterfront, and endured two years of the pandemic together, along with their dog. In the summer of 2022, they purchased a charming house in wine country with a spacious yard. They have been slowly renovating and filling it with all sorts of unique vintage and secondhand furnishings. They both love the excitement of the hunt for unique pieces and the sustainable aspect of sourcing antique items for their home.

Granger very cleverly and discreetly consulted with Emily’s colleagues at Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry to select a ring, knowing that Emily had a deep affection for Edwardian/Art Nouveau era jewelry. The engagement ring he chose is a charming asymmetrical floral diamond ring from around 1900, a ring she had been admiring as a potential Christmas present for herself. Her colleagues pretended as though the ring had been sold, and then, on their fourth anniversary, December 30th, 2022, he surprised her with her cherished Lang ring for the proposal.

The ring was crafted with 18k yellow gold and a platinum top, which was an exciting new trend when the ring was made, sometime between 1900 and 1910. Working with platinum required jewelers to withstand very high melting temperatures, and it wasn’t until advances in tool technology in the 1850s and 1901 that platinum started to be commonly utilized in jewelry making. Before this, diamonds were set in silver with a gold backing for added strength, but the silver was often thick and heavy to secure valuable stones, and it had a tendency to tarnish and stain clothing. The introduction of platinum allowed jewelers to create sturdy yet lightweight designs with thinner shanks and nearly invisible prongs, which would not tarnish. This is one of Emily’s favorite aspects of the ring – it hails from a time of incredible artistic creativity, with jewelers crafting awe-inspiring platinum pieces that were so delicate they resembled lace, yet so durable that they have been perfectly preserved to be worn for generations.


Untitled design

Photographed by Handle the bar

Claudia and Julio embarked on an unforgettable journey to Burning Man this year, held from August 27th to September 3rd in Black Rock City, Nevada. On the second day of the burn, Julio was brimming with enthusiasm and eager to deck out in their most striking outfits, all in the name of cruising around the Playa to explore the mesmerizing art installations and capture those coveted “Instagram-worthy” moments. Claudia, however, wasn’t initially feeling the dress-up vibe that day. But with a little nudge from friends and her fiancé, she couldn’t resist joining in on the fun.

As they glided across the playa, taking in the awe-inspiring art pieces, they came to a sudden stop. Julio asked their friends to take a photo of them, but then he dropped to one knee and asked: “Will you marry me?” Claudia was left utterly speechless, her emotions overwhelming her, and tears of joy streamed down her face. She embraced him tightly and sealed the moment with a heartfelt kiss. This breathtaking surprise was doubly special as it unfolded on her birthday!

The engagement ring is a work of art, a stunning creation by Shahla Karimi. It features a 1.06-carat natural baguette-shaped diamond set within a sleek platinum frame. The choice of platinum adds a touch of modern minimalism, perfectly aligning with Claudia’s vision. Shahla and Julio embarked on a thoughtful and collaborative journey to create this unique piece, carefully tailoring it to Claudia’s style and personality. They refined the design to ensure enduring durability, an ideal match for a couple who shares a deep love for travel and adventure.




Photographed by Giuseppe Giovannelli

Dara and Veronica’s love story is a captivating odyssey that began in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia in August 2015. Their journey, marked by the challenge of maintaining a long-distance relationship that spanned over a dozen countries and five continents, was a testament to their unwavering commitment and love for one another. Their relationship was etched with a shared love for adventure, fun, and the thrill of exploring new horizons. So, when it came time to bring things to the next level, what better place to pop the question than amidst the enchanting landscapes of Italy? Italy, a land known for its rich history and unforgettable experiences, became the backdrop for the next chapter of their love story.

Their mutual engagement was planned on a serene morning, as they savored a quiet moment on the balcony of their Florence hotel. Overlooking the picturesque river, they shared champagne, a delightful breakfast, and heartwarming gifts they had thoughtfully created individually. Veronica crafted a touching photo book chronicling their many adventures, while Dara had some of their treasured travel photos transformed into beautiful canvas paintings. The exchange of rings sealed their commitment, and they embarked on a new exploration of the city they held dear. It was a tribute to their love story, which had been defined by experiencing new places together, each destination etching a new chapter in their shared journey. The couple got married in Italy too.

When it came to designing their engagement rings, Dara and Veronica were determined to create something unique and meaningful. Their quest led them to Marisa Perry in New York, where they now live. The exquisite designs and the warm, attentive assistance they received along the way made the experience all the more memorable. Both engagement rings feature dazzling 2-carat diamonds set in platinum bands. Dara’s choice was an emerald-cut stone with a micro-pave halo setting, while Veronica opted for a cushion cut with pear-shaped stones adorning the sides… Beyond its radiant, enduring appearance, platinum’s natural purity and resistance to color change over time captured their hearts. Their love is as rare and precious as the metal they chose for both their engagement ring and wedding bands.


Untitled design

Photographed by Temuujin

Caroline and Arthur’s proposal wasn’t a surprise since they are both in their mid-30s and had mutually decided to get married. Arthur knew from the moment he learned about Caroline’s sister Dana Bronfman‘s jewelry business at the beginning of their relationship, that he’d be a fool to offer her anything but something she made. The moment itself was beautiful. They were spending a week in the South of France, and he took Caroline to the Pointe des Chevaliers, or Knight’s Point, where he asked her to marry him with the sunset over the Mediterranean as the backdrop. They returned to the house where their friends were waiting. They celebrated with their favorite Champagne, Fidèle (fidelity) from Vouette et Sorbée. A very important detail as Caroline is a wine expert.

The ring is a custom piece by Dana Bronfman, made from platinum and sapphires. Caroline had a few guidelines she wanted her sister to follow, but she didn’t want to know what the ring looked like at all; she wanted it to be a surprise. It needed to be sturdy to support her active lifestyle, which is why she chose platinum. Caroline told Dana that it was essential to her that the ring wasn’t too raised because she didn’t want a stone that would catch on things. Dana designed a low-set ring and was the one who recommended platinum because it is the strongest metal.

Since Caroline works with her hands a lot, Dana wanted to make sure that all the stones would be securely set. Caroline decided that she preferred an ethically mined sapphire from Montana over a diamond, and she didn’t need a perfect stone. Dana has a distinct style and has made more traditional rings for friends and family in the past, but Caroline told her she wanted something that truly reflected Dana’s unique craftsmanship. Arthur assisted in choosing the positioning of the small stones. The result is a stunning and organic ring that evokes the sea and the stars. The central stone is a pale turquoise Montana sapphire, with four smaller Sri Lankan sapphires on either side, ranging in color from pale purple to brighter blue. Each one is unique. This ring is both special and practical, holding deep meaning for Caroline, and she feels honored to wear it every day.



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