5 Quarantine Proposal Ideas


The upcoming weeks might not be appropriate for intricate flash mob proposals yet, there are so many ways you could produce a meaningful proposal from the comfort of your home . Check out both our Instagram pages (@engagement101 and @Proposetoo) for some inspiration. We have already started sharing amazing pandemic proposal stories and will share more in upcoming days and weeks.

Here are 5 memorable and romantic at-home proposal ideas. Get inspired by one of them or  a combination.

1. A Stealth Surprise Proposal

This type of proposal will be more challenging if you both live in  a studio but if you share a 1 bedroom or a larger home, you can absolutely make something special happen.  If your partner is the one handling specific house chores, tell them to take a nap, a long bath or watch a movie as a romantic gesture. This will allow you some prep time to set up a nice table and decor and prepare a proposal meal or… add romantic touches such as a “Will You Marry Me” sign, dried or fresh flowers and candles in the bedroom.

If you are an average cook,  order take-out from a local restaurant with your partner’s favorite food. You could also think about ordering from a special place or a particular cuisine meaningful to your relationship. Postmates and restaurants can make some real magic happen, they even might be able to help you with props you are missing.

Online shopping is still available to purchase proposal props such as balloons or candles and chances are that you might have some interesting decor ideas lying around or in your Summer/Special Holidays storage. You could also use print-outs from the web or  print pictures taken during your relationship.  Anything is possible with good props, such as  pretending to be on a beach front or in Paris.

will you marry me bed proposal

2. Get the kids and pets involved

Parents have had a hard time adjusting to having their kids home 24/7. Planning a proposal could be an amazing project to keep everyone busy. Children are crafty and love to perform. Get creative together. Have them rehearse a song and dance, make cookies or an engagement cake together and ask them to help with banners and picture collages.

If your kid is still an infant, order or customize a baby onesie or T-Shirt with a ‘Will you marry me” message. If you decide to customize baby clothing,  make sure to use none-toxic writing material.

Last but not the least, your pets can help you hide the ring or carry your proposal message.

will you marry my daddy baby

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3. Embrace your geekiness

Do you both love to play scrabbles, D&D or Cosplay? Are you a coder or game/VR developer? Think about ways you can propose using your skill or favorite hobby. I did it disguised as a wood elf (with a wig and cape) and in front of a cardboard Doctor Who Tardis. Details below with the sound on!

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4. A Zoom Flash Mob

We said no flash mob but how about a remote digital flash mob? Get your relatives and friends involved in a Zoom/Facetime Proposal. You could work on a group speech together, use everyone’s talents and have them hold Will You Marry Me signs. How fun!

Zoom proposal

5. Get Her a Unique Ring

Many jewelers are currently offering online sales and amazing deals you can take advantage of. Some designers who make rings from scratch from their home studio are able to work remotely with you to create your partner’s dream ring. Most designers and jewelry stores offer the experience of creating with you a custom ring through Skype and emails. Once the design is ready, they will send you a drawing or a CAD print (computer aided design) to give out during the proposal, if you want to propose ASAP. The ring itself will be made quickly once workshops re-open nationwide.


CAD of my engagement ring by Julie Lamb






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