5 Romantic Proposal Ideas Inspired By History and Movies


It’s 2022, go big or go home! With everyone looking for the coolest, newest, flashiest– you name it– ways to propose now in our modern world, sometimes we tend to overlook the simpler, effective ways from the past.  Looking for some inspiration for your proposal or Valentine’s Day surprise? Check out these sure fire ways from the past to get your creative juices flowing.

1) Renaissance Era

While Romeo and Juliet may make you cringe as your reminisce your high school years, Shakespeare did have one good thing going for him– poetry. If your love is the super romantic type, why not propose with a poem that you’ve either written about them or a super romantic one that makes you think of them? You’ll get bonus points if you recite it underneath their bedroom window.

2) 1920s

The era of gangsters, swing and speakeasies. If they are a person of luxury, propose like a 20s gangster and pamper your partner like never before for one night. Wear that awesome suit you’ve always wanted to, buy them a special outfit too and have them spend the day at the spa. Then rent that fancy car, have dinner at the hippest restaurant in town, then hit a cool night spot and dance the night away with drinks and live music for a night they’ll never forget.

3) 1950s

A more innocent time, but one filled with tons of fun. Take your love to an old style diner and indulge your inner child with great milkshakes. Maybe even ask your person to wear your “pin” or “go steady,” and then surprise them with the ring. But if you do go the milkshake route, just don’t do what that one guy did like we warned you about in a previous post.

4) 1980s

While some people will totally dig the poetry under the window move, we understand that not all humans like the same things. That’s why if you have an edgier partner that you want to impress, we highly recommend the boom box approach from the 1989 film “Say Anything” with John Cusack. Just pick your favorite love song or the song that means the most to the two of you and blare it from beneath your bedroom window.

5) 2000s

Okay, so say hypothetically you hate all of the above OR your love lives in a one-story house. Never Fear! The Ashton Kutcher flick “A Lot Like Love” (2005) has just the thing. If you’re slightly musically inclined, just plug in your guitar and sing your heart out and without abandon. As Ashton demonstrates in this clip, you definitely don’t have to be the next American Idol to get your person’s attention.


Photo Credit: IMDB

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