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Summer is right around the corner which means longer week-ends and full week holidays, Yay! We like to call the Winter Holidays “engagement season” but last year a lot of readers got engaged over the Summer. If you are considering a Summer vacation proposal here are some tips.

Cory and Emily Proposal
Cory and Emily

1. Put yourself in charge of the travel plans

Sure, you can wing a proposal last minute but not all travel destinations are jewelry friendly and your partner could become suspicious if you suddenly step in to make last minute decisions. Plan ahead!

2. Pick a resort or hotel that offers proposal packages

Why make things hard on yourself and stressful? In the top 6 cities in the world as well as great locations in the US, hotels can help you prepare your proposal. They can help you with decor and catering as well as give you referrals to hire a local photographer.

3. Hire a proposal planner

The leading US proposal planners can help you produce a proposal anywhere in the world or in the US. Our friends at The Yes Girls have produced proposals everywhere. They will help you prepare a very thoughtful, super romantic and well executed proposal. They will find and coordinate local services to support your plans. You can also find proposal planners specialized in specific countries such as The One Romance in the UK or a city, for example Project NOLA Proposal in New Orleans.

4. Pick a picturesque vista

The US offer a lot of scenic backdrops for a proposal. You could also consider these cool destinations across the world. Aside from beautiful pictures and memories, picking a remote and breathtakingly beautiful spot for your proposal is very symbolic. Such places are always inspiring and connect humans to god and nature, which will make the Yes even more powerful.

5. Put it on film

If the place you have picked is too remote to hire a photographer, think about bringing a Go Pro or using a Ring Cam as your ring box. You want to catch the moment.

6. Beach proposal? Do it at Sunset

Seriously, the best moment to pick for a beach proposal.

7. Insure the ring before the trip

As much as possible, keep the ring in safes during your travels but it would be very smart to insure the ring before the trip instead of waiting until she puts it on… Check out Jewelers Mutual policy, the jewelry coverage is worldwide.

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