Creating a Proposal Video


A great marriage proposal idea is proposing via video. There are tons of ways to do it, and it’s a creative way to dazzle her with a proposal that she will never forget. Check out these proposals that used video to pop the question:

The great Tumblr proposal that we have mentioned several times throughout the site is a great example of popping the question via video. Of course, this proposal in particular didn’t exactly ask the question in the video; instead, they used the video to supplement the Tumblr proposal. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent marriage proposal idea. Simply take any home videos you have and splice it up in a simple video editor and then add music.

An alternative to popping the question in the video is to pop the question while she’s on camera, like the video above. This way you can later show the video to friends and family. You could also use the video as a save-the-date invitation.

If you have a background in video production and/or have a lot of money to spend, here’s an amazing proposal idea that we have seen a lot of lately. The idea is to rent a movie theater and then play your own self-produced video, complete with actors, a film score and the works.

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    These are really cute! But sometimes I feel like people are starting to do it just for the attention

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