Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing on Valentine’s Day



The day of love is approaching and you know that means that there will be plenty of proposals to go around. To me, there’s nothing cliche about proposing on this day– it just means you’re doing it right. I absolutely love Valentine’s Day, and if your partner does too, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you get ready to pop the question on this big holiday.

Don’t…go cliche.

Just because this is Valentine’s Day does not mean you should put the ring in champagne or think a fancy restaurant will do the trick. While it’s super sweet and thoughtful to make reservations and go out to eat for the holiday, it’s overdone and a little “old school” to think that just dinner is the way to do it.

Do…go the extra mile.

Hire a chef to make you dinner at home, make your partner  a thoughtful present– if you’re proposing on Valentine’s Day, you want to to do the whole over-the-top thing because, well, you need to outshine the holiday. Rent out a room, get a band, and invite your friends and family for the finale. Do this after you’ve already gone out to eat and your love thinks nothing else is coming.

Don’t…make it obvious you’re proposing.

Let’s get real– it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone and their sister is thinking a proposal might happen. It’s the big day, and I’m sure you’re nervous, but that doesn’t mean you need to act like a mess or over-the-top excited and give the surprise away. Do your best to keep calm and carry on before the proposal, or your chéri will know what’s coming next.

Do…say you have plans, but downplay it.

Do: Say you have something planned but downplay what it is

You want to build the anticipation and let your love know you haven’t forgotten to do something special on  V-Day. Keep it vague, and make sure your partner knows how to dress, but let he/she/they know you’ve “done your best” and you “hope they won’t be disappointed.” I mean, with words like that they/she/he will be even further over the moon when that big moment comes.


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