Three GOOD places to hide the ring


Finding the perfect ring is half the battle, but hiding it from your sweetheart? Now that’s a different story. It may seem like no big deal now, but if anything happens to your ring before you pop the big question– trust us. It will be a BIG deal. Don’t end up like the guy who hid it in an old coat pocket and then accidentally donated it to GoodWill. Epic fail.

When my fiance had my ring, he originally hid it in his room and told a mutual friend where it was hidden (he has some memory issues so he was afraid he’d forget where he put it). That wasn’t the best idea because pretty soon, the mutual friend started bringing people to said hiding place and showing off the ring– when my fiance was out of town or not home. Totally not cool. Needless to say, he quickly wizened up and found a new hiding place before disaster struck.

1) Get a safety deposit box at the bank. This is where my fiance ended up putting our ring. It may seem silly and like something you only see in the movies when you walk into that room of mini safes, get your box and then open it in the “privacy” room, but there’s honestly no safer place it could be. And when you can spend between $1,000 to $15,000 on a ring….do you really want to risk it? Didn’t think so. Just don’t lose the key.

2) Keep it with you at all times. If you’re not the kind of guy who will wash his cellphone in his jeans or forget which pair of pants had his keys in it, then this could work. However, if you were any of the aforementioned types of men, avoid this at all costs. But think about it. If you keep the box in your pocket and are super responsible about keeping tabs on it at all times, then you know it can’t go far. Just don’t let the ring float loosely out of a box. That won’t end well. At all.

3) Keep it in your underwear drawer and tell no one. Yes, I said it. The truth is, no girl will ever go near your underwear drawer. It’s gross (no offense). Just don’t tell her that’s where you kept the ring. Be sure to not tell a single soul because in no time flat, your underwear drawer will be getting a whole lot of action by people who are so excited for you, they can’t help but sneak a peak. Yeah…just keep this little secret to yourself.


Photo Credit: Jessica’s engagement ring by Studio 29

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  1. Iqbal says:

    Keep it with your jeweler till you pop the question , they are insured and will be happy to do it.

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