Last Minute Do’s and Don’ts for Your Holiday Proposal


The holidays is the most wonderful time of the year.

With that being said, this is the time of year that lots of people decide to drop to one knee. If you’re one of those planners, here are some tips about what you should and should not do when proposing!

Do…use the atmosphere.

Whether your going for spooks or snowflakes, there’s nothing like using your surroundings. Colorful leaves or the first snowfall, Christmas lights or Thanksgiving dinner– take advantage of the mood and feel of all that’s around you.

Don’t…put the ring in food.

I know this is tempting. It’s one thing to put the ring on top of a cupcake, it’s another to put it in a piece of pumpkin pie. You don’t want your sweetie to accidentally swallow her diamond ring. If you want to use food, make sure the ring is visible. Tied to her glass, not in the champagne, for example.

Do…include friends and family.

You may want this to be a private moment, but afterwards don’t hesitate to let everyone in on the joy to celebrate. If you’re proposing during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to share the happy news because families are typically gathered already!

Don’t…do it around just your family.

There are exceptions for this. For example, if she gets along and spends more time with your family (maybe she’s on the outs with her own, or doesn’t really have one), then by all means propose around yours. However, you don’t want her to feel cornered if this is a complete surprise and she may not be ready to say yes. You want her to be able to retreat to her family. This also isn’t to say you can’t do it around BOTH your families– but if you’re going with one side, go with hers.


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