How NOT to Propose on Valentine’s Day


It’s easy to get caught up in the moment as Valentine’s day quickly approaches. But before you get carried away, make sure you are using your head a little more than your heart when it comes to proposing to the love of your life on the day of love. Here are some ways to avoid popping the question. You’ll thank us for this later.

1. Do NOT put the ring in her drink or food

It may seem like a cute idea, and you may even think you can point it out to her before she takes a big bite or gulp and literally consume your precious diamond ring. But don’t trust your reflexes. There have been girls who have either swallowed or broken teeth on diamond rings they didn’t realize were in their food. Nothing is romantic about having to get your stomach pumped (or WORSE) on the day you ask her to be your wife.  Just see how it turned out for this couple. He hid it in her Wendy’s Frosty. Bad move.

2. Don’t Propose to HIM in an Extreme Way

It’s one thing to be confident enough to propose to your man rather than waiting for him to take the plunge. But it’s another thing entirely to do it in a CRAZY, flashy way that could embarrass him in a large setting.  According to an article in The Guardian, a woman planned her proposal on Valentine’s Day and it went HORRIBLY wrong. She stripped down to her lingerie and hid inside of a big, hallow cake that was wheeled out to the middle of a full restaurant. She popped out with tons of confetti and proposed to her man right then and there. His response? He got up without saying a word and left. Talk about an awkward moment when you have to be wheeled out of the restaurant, in your underwear, standing in a cake… ouch.

3. Don’t Be Unsure About Her Answer

If you’re not sure whether or not your lady love will say “YES!” to a proposal at this moment in time, proposing on Valentine’s Day may not be the best option for you. It’s possible to feel out a potential partner’s feelings on marriage (and especially marriage to you) without giving away the details of when or how a proposal will go down. If you propose without an inkling of whether or not she wants to spend her life with you, you may be in for a very disappoint holiday. Plus, she may feel like the proposal is more forced than organic and that you’re just doing it because it’s Valentine’s Day. Make sure you take the necessary steps before proposing on Valentine’s Day so the moment will be enjoyed by both of you.


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