How to Prevent Bad Surprises When Proposing On a Summer Day


School’s out for summer! Well, even if you’re out of school, no one can deny that the summer season has a wonderful quality about it. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s the perfect time for love! Here are some tips to make sure your summer proposal doesn’t end in disaster.

summer proposal ideas

1 – Avoid  mid-day hours.

The sun is brightest during this time. Do you really want your bride dying in the heat and blinded by the sun as your get down on one knee? Probably not. Shoot for early morning or later in the afternoon/evening.

2 – If you do go out, slather her with sunscreen.

Nothing is less romantic than a sunburn. So, if you’re planning taking her for a summer hike, picnic or beach trip before the proposal, please slather your honey with some sunscreen. She’ll think you’re sweet for watching out for her AND she won’t have a sunburn to remember the proposal by.

3 – Get good bug spray.

The summer is also prone to bugs. Romantic hikes and picnics are fabulous, as long as the mosquitos don’t make a feast out of the two of you. Pick out a good bug spray far in advance so you know it won’t smell gross and disgust her. Again, she’ll think you’re sexy for thinking ahead.

4 – Watch out for water and sand.

If you propose on the beach or in a boat, be VERY careful not to drop the ring. It’s best to propose with the ring in the box during these scenarios. Then, when you do put the ring on her, make sure YOU do it (not the shaking/excited bride-to-be) and you are SUPER careful. Trust us…nothing ruins a proposal more than having to take a metal detecter to the beach later.


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