Winter Proposal Advice & Ideas


Some parts of the country are well acquainted with snow and cold already, but the rest of us are just starting to break out the thicker layers. Winter is arguably one of the prettiest times to propose. Here are some ideas on how to do it so you don’t fall under the “cliche.”

1. Do it before Christmas or New Year’s.
While Christmas might not officially start until December 21st, Starbucks deemed November first as time for the red cups… and most places have the decorations out right after Halloween. So don’t wait until just around Christmas and New Year’s when everyone is getting engaged and jump the gun a little early.

2. Use the weather. Be prepared to jump at the first snow, frost, or cold starry night for your proposal. If you have a day set in stone in your mind, you may not get the snowy back-drop you’re hoping for. Watch the weather and have your proposal plan ready and waiting.

3. Invest in some lights or candles. There is nothing more magical than lights and candles in the winter. Light up the night and watch it reflect off the snow for your proposal. Whether you’re spelling it out or just creating a backdrop, it will make for an amazing moment (and, let’s face it, beautiful pictures).



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