Pumpkin Patch Proposal Ideas


Is it just me who’s way too excited to start thinking about picking out the perfect pumpkin for fall?

No? OK…good.

Picking out the pumpkin to set on your front porch, or maybe in your apartment, or turn into a jack-o-lantern is incredibly important. Don’t downplay it! What would make it even more important and special? Turning it into a proposal.

Don’t believe me? Who could say no to the following ideas? Huh? That’s what I thought: no one!

1. Do you speak pumpkin? Set up the pumpkins to ask that special question. Whether you carve them, paint them, or line them up– it will be a picture to hold on to forever! Plus, talk about an impressive amount of pumpkins to keep.

2. It’s the great pumpkin! Go to the pumpkin patch and scout out which pumpkin is the “best”. While you and your significant other may not have the same opinion, I guarantee you she’ll think it’s the best if she sees that ring on top of it! Make SURE, though, that you talk to someone and have an accomplice. You don’t want that ring to be there and have someone else stumble upon it. Take friends, or a family member with you. Don’t have anyone close? Trust an employee with the job right before the big moment.

3. A little pumpkin party never hurt anybody. Throw a surprise party with the pumpkins. Let everyone sneak in behind you, and while you’re searching for that orange gourd, turn back and say, “Oh, did you see that one?” You can have friends spelling out your question, holding signs, throwing pumpkin seeds– whatever you like, it’s guaranteed to set the mood, grab her attention, and get you a, “yes!”


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