3 Ways to Have a Life Outside of Your Boyfriend


girlfriend-boyfriend-coupleGiving a relationship space is an important way to allow growth. But for most couples, when you finally find “the one,” it’s easy to want to spend every last second together. Most couples also swap the time they used to spend with friends in favor of more time with their loved one. After all, you both are in love. You love the way he smells, the way he falls asleep or cut his steak…

Every couple has been through an “infatuation” stage where they carelessly build a bubble around them and mistakenly forget to invite anyone else inside. Such actions are not always productive in a relationship, and it can produce disastrous results once you realize you have no life outside of your boyfriend.

Falling in love should be an asset to your life; it shouldn’t consume your entire life. The key to a healthy, productive relationship is to remember to have an active life outside of each other. Too often after couples get married they realize they no longer have any friends (especially if their friends are still single). Here are a few tips to create and maintain an active social life outside of your sweet baby boo…:

Get out, right now!

You’re not going to meet anybody if you continue to sit around your house and play on your computer. The best way to meet people is to go out and meet them. Now this is no easy feat. Most people don’t feel comfortable showing up to bars, movies or restaurants all alone. Instead, go to a place where you won’t have to bring a friend. For example, hit the gym, join a book club or take a dance class. Even if you’re a terrible dancer, it might produce some interesting new friends.

Be a hobbyist

Whether you’re a music connoisseur or a film fanatic, pursuing interests that are passionate to you are great ways to establish a life outside a partner. Try befriending others who share the same interests as you. That way when you want to go to a concert, you can grab your music-loving buddy and not your boyfriend.

Girls’/Guys’ night out is not a bad thing

Too often couples find themselves in a situation where one person has an active social life and the other doesn’t. So whenever he or she has a night out with their friends, the other who’s left at home feels jealous/angry/lonely. As long as it’s not a daily occurrence, a night out should be encouraged! It’s the easiest way to maintain the friendships you have and take a little break from each other.

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