How to Tame the Unmarriageable


simon-cowellAlthough not officially confirmed, the gossip pages are reporting American Idol judge Simon Cowell is getting engaged to girlfriend and makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy, a shock to the entertainment world. After all, Simon Cowell, the frequent bachelor, never came off as the commitment type, and even said in interviews that he’ll never wed. So how did she tame the mean judge?

One thing women don’t often realize is that there’s a way to deal with these anti-marriage types. Check out our tips on how to deal with men who categorize themselves as “unmarriageable” :

Men have a “ticking time clock,” too

As much as I hate hearing about women’s biological clocks making them crazy and harpy, there is some truth to being more inclined at settling down once you get older. Even those who vowed to never settle eventually realize they’re getting too old for the bar and won’t mind coming home to another face. Men are the same way. Even those who vow to be bachelors for life eventually realize they can’t keep dating forever.

Don’t act like you’re already married

One reason non-marrying men don’t bother to get married is because they probably have a long-term girlfriend who is already like a wife except in the legal sense. For these men, marrying isn’t important because they have already “settled down” to an extent. At this point, marriage would just be a piece of paper, so why bother? And, well, he has a point. If your goal is walking down the aisle, remember to treat the relationship like you’re still in the dating stage. This way, marriage would appear to be the next logical step to make in the relationship.

Don’t force him down the aisle

The “un-marring” man will marry — eventually. You can’t force them, and no amount of ultimatums will get them to submit. If anything, it will keep them away. Subtle hinting is fine, but the key is being available and allowing him to reach that conclusion himself.

What do you think of these unmarriageable types?

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