10 Creative Proposal Ideas



1 – Say it in Pictures

Make a scrapbook or photo album with snapshots of your favorite experiences together throughout your relationship. Have the last one be of you down on one knee holding out the ring. See more romantic proposal ideas >>

2 – Give Her Story a Very Happy Ending

Is she always reading the latest novel? Replace her bookmark with the ring tied to a piece of ribbon. You can be sure this one will be a real page-turner. To take it a step further, why not propose at the library or in a bookstore, surrounded by books? See more book proposal ideas >>

3 – Show Her the Hottest Gossip

Use Photoshop to put together a fake magazine article about your engagement. Show her the latest celebs to be tying the knot. When she looks closely, she’ll realize it’s you and her. If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, what about a photo album proposal? >>

4 – Lights, Camera, Action

Are you a technology wiz? Get creative with a homemade music video or prepare a slideshow of your life together so far. Roll the credits with a special proposal message at the end. See more video proposal ideas >>

5 – Be Her After Dinner Treat

Create a custom plate with a proposal message. When she’s finished with her meal, the question will be revealed. In addition to the ring on her finger, she’ll have the dish as a keepsake. See more dinner proposal ideas >>

6 – Show Her Some Sweetness

Order personalized wrapped chocolates or hard shell candies that say, “Will you Marry Me (her name)?”. Wait for her reaction when she digs into the tempting treats. Once she said yes, take her out for ice cream to celebrate to top it off with some more sweets! See more chocolate proposal ideas >>

7 – Find Buried Treasure

Who didn’t play pirates when they were a kid? If your lady has a childlike side to her, take her on a pirate adventure or at least draw up a special treasure map. Search high and low together to find an amazing treasure chest filled with – you guessed it – the ring! Read about Avni and Abhishek treasure hunt proposal >> 

8 – Make Custom Fortune Cookies

There are kits and companies that help make customized fortune cookies. If Asian food is your thing, make some great fortune cookies all about love, but make the last one really count by setting the scene for the proposal. Take a look at this fortune cookie engagement ring box >>

9 – The Photo Shoot

Get your love all dolled up and tell her you have a big surprise planned. Bring her to a romantic picturesque place and tell her you’ve booked a photo shoot for the two of you. When she least expects it, drop to your knee and propose. Get inspired by amazing engagement photo shoots >>

10 – Pack Her Lunch for Work

Be super cute and pack her lunch for work today, including one of those old school notes like your mom used to write. Leave something cryptic at the end telling her to go someplace in her office building. When she arrives, you’ll be there waiting with the ring. See more love note proposal ideas >>

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