How To Budget For Your Marriage Proposal


It’s a given, you will save up a pretty penny for an engagement ring. Your future fiancée will have it forever, so of course you want it to be just right. However, the proposal process doesn’t end there. Know in advance how much you’re allotting for the ring AND the proposal itself (décor, photographer, reservations, etc.).

It’s just like opening a birthday gift; the anticipation and the excitement of what’s inside the decorative packaging makes the moment even more memorable. Present the gorgeous ring to her not “over dinner” but in a more inspired way. Here are a few proposal samples so you can gage how much to save for your big moment (of course prices will vary depending on your idea and location).

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Chic New York City Rooftop Marriage Proposal

Proposal Idea: One of her favorite things is finding hidden treasures and art pieces at flea markets. With a dream of going to Paris her fiancé created a Parisian inspired flea market proposal on a NYC Skyscraper Rooftop.

proposal paris flea market

Venue (renting rooftop space): $300-$1000

Food and Beverage (wine or champagne): $100

Photographer: $300-$500

Videographer: $500-$1500

Guitarist: $300-$500

Rose Bouquet: $65-$85

Specialty Rentals/Props (Paris furniture, artwork, signs, plates, etc.): $500+

Proposal Planner: $1000+ (you can receive a discounted rates with a proposal planner, photographer and videographer when proposal services are booked together)

Pixar’s Inspired Marriage Proposal

up proposal

Proposal Idea: Her favorite love story is her own grandparent’s story. She fell in love with the movie because it reminds her of their great love and the one she aspires to experience.

Las Vegas Hotel Outdoor Patio: included at no additional cost with their weekend stay

Photographer: $300-$500

Videographer: $0 (friend took video with Flip camera)]

1 Dozen Specialty Cupcakes: $60

100 Balloons: $100

Furniture and Prop Rentals: $200 (save on delivery costs by asking a friend/family member to pick up rentals)

Specialty Items Purchased (My Adventure Book, suitcases, old fashion soda bottles, etc.): $100+

Proposal Planner: $1000+ (you can receive a discounted rates with a proposal planner and photographer services are booked together)

Sweet Home Alabama Park Marriage Proposal

sweet home alabama proposal

Proposal Idea: She moved from Alabama to California with her Air Force fiancé-to-be. He wanted to bring a little bit of home (Alabama) and family to her in California so he set up a scene with favorite items from home and a personalized puzzle board that was a photo of him proposing on one knee. On the back of each puzzle piece was a note from a friend, family member or him.

Park/Lake View: Free

Photographer: $300-$500

Video: Included (proposal planner took video with flip camera)

Photo; Puzzle Board: $150

Flowers and Orchid Plant: $50

Alabama Frame: $10

Donuts and Sweet Tea: $5-$10

Household Props and Furniture: Free (brought table, chairs, cook book, photos, baskets, etc. from home)

Proposal Planner: $1000 (including on-site set up)

Remember presentation shows your efforts, which is internalized by your future fiancée as love.

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