Would You Marry a Bisexual?



True Blood star Anna Paquin, who’s engaged to marry her co-star Stephen Moyer, recently came out as bisexual.

There’s been a lot of debate over Paquin’s classification. Some question her bisexuality citing that as soon as you marry someone of the opposite sex, it classifies you as straight.

But others argue that people don’t have to force themselves into boxes, and that it’s perfectly OK to play for both sides of the team.

But when it comes to marriage do the rules change? If you knew your partner had sexual preferences different from yours, could it be something you could look past?

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  1. Jessica Risinger/MccRacken says:

    Yes I agree to that. I am goin to be marryin a girl too. The love of my life. for a 11 years now. She means the world to me. Where are some places u can marry the same sex? I heard Masschets, and New York. Please write me back..

  2. admin says:

    To my knowledge, there’s only five states in the United States were same-sex marriages are legal:

    Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

  3. allie_gator says:

    I don’t see how it would be any different than marrying a straight person? The thing I really hate is the double standard. For girls it’s OK to be bisexual (and maybe even a turn on?) but for guys it’s gross. As long as they love each other it doesn’t matter!

  4. Richie says:

    I am a big supporter of homosexuals and think any type of bias or discrimination against them is disgusting and I have multiple gay friends. But, as a heterosexual man, I would not get into a serious relationship with a bisexual girl, call me old fashioned I guess, but I think it is too weird. And it has nothing to do with being threatened like a lot of butch lesbians would probably say, not everybody is insecure! From my experiences, most of the bisexual girls I have met have been pretty promiscuous, and almost perverted. I know that is not how all of them are of course, but there is scientific proof that bisexual people have higher hormone levels than homosexuals or heterosexuals. One of my girl-friends is bisexual and she gets mad that I hold this opinion, but I have to be honest! She fits the stereotype perfectly by that way, lol! She checks everybody out and is ready to jump into bed with any attractive person male or female! I prefer good old fashioned heterosexual females, who seem to be shrinking in numbers almost daily, and it is pretty alarming!

  5. Jyoti says:

    Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that doesn’t change according to who you date or marry. Plenty of homosexual people have married straight people to hide their sexuality from society but that doesn’t make them any less gay!

    There is a big problem with bisexual erasure – bisexual women don’t become lesbians by dating women and don’t become straight by dating men. The same for bi men.

    I am a bisexual woman engaged to a straight man. My fiancé has no issues with my orientation, why would he? It doesn’t matter who I dated before I met him, and I’m committed to him now, so he has nothing to worry about or be jealous over.

    Bisexual people are not scientifically proven to have higher hormone levels than heterosexual or homosexual people. Cite at least one peer-reviewed study please. Bisexual people are also not all promiscuous or likely to cheat. All lies to belittle bisexual people.

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