Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Romantic Birthday Proposal Surprise

Cheska had been planning Guji’s surprise birthday for weeks. She had all their friends and family there, and everything was ready. What she didn’t know was Guji had already found out about the party, thanks to his friends who decided to tell him when he divulged he was going to propose the day after his surprise, and decided to take advantage of the moment to turn the surprise around in her favor.

Guji starts a speech, so naturally Cheska moves out of the way in an attempt to give him his “spotlight”, but he keeps pulling her back. His speech is short and simple, “My birthday and life wouldn’t be complete without Freska.” And then he drops to one knee.

What I LOVE is after saying yes, her first question is if her dad knows. Clearly this is a big deal to her, and Guji shares that he properly asked her parents just days before. Also, her explanation of, “It’s supposed to be your birthday!” really hit me. Because, as wonderful as this is, I’d almost be like… wait a second… I thought I planned a surprise for once!


Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Mom steals spotlight during daughter’s proposal

Bill was getting ready to propose to Breanne, but the only one who seemed to be in on the surprise was her sister (who’s filming).

As she’s trying to capture the moment for them, Breanne’s mom keeps scurrying in and out of the frame thinking they’re taking a family picture. In her haste to move so the couple can get a “picture”, the mom face plants into the sand. While everyone (other than Bill and the filming sister) are worried about the mom and trying to make sure she’s ok, Bill drops to one knee. This only causes Breanne to laugh more when she realizes what’s happening.

What I love is the sister and boyfriend are still going, even though the mom has fallen. At first I thought she fell on purpose to cause a distraction, but it was an actual fall. In case you were wondering, she wasn’t hurt– and Breanne said yes to Bill! At least he knows he’s becoming part of a family that laughs (and falls) together!


Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Planned out Proposal

Hudson was ready to propose to Katy, but he had one small problem– he needed money for the ring. So he decided to take an extra job as an Uber driver to save up the money.

It took Hudson one year, over one-thousand miles, and hundreds of customers to make the money he needed to propose. He decided to not be bored with his new job, but instead include everyone he met as an Uber driver in his proposal. He made a video of people holding a special sign (Congratulations on your Uber Engagement!) and them saying congratulations to show Katy… after he proposed, of course. Skip ahead to 3:08 to see Hudson on one knee!

I love this because not only do we get to see the proposal, but we get to see the hard work Hudson put in before the big moment. I mean, let’s face it: most videos is just the emotional, down-on-one-knee stuff. We don’t get to see how it all came into play. This time, however, we do! And what commitment Hudson had to work even harder to make sure he could get Katy the ring he thought she deserved!


Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Marriage Proposal on Police Cam

Mr. Ross was picking up a girl named Ashley for their first date when he got pulled over by the police. Two years later (to the day), he asked the police for their help with his proposal… to the same girl.

After being pulled over in the typical fashion, the young man is asked to step out of his vehicle for a search. When they pat him down, even on the police cam you can see how official it appears. When the ring is ‘discovered’ in his pocket, Ashley is asked to exit the vehicle as well to answer some questions. Around 2:35, after she’s asked if he’s carrying anything he shouldn’t be and she responds no, the officer asks, “Can you explain to me what this is?” and holds out the ring box.

I love how he knew exactly how she’d react, from mad to ecstatic. I mean, if I were her, I’d be thinking, “AGAIN?!” Luckily, this pull-over worked out in her favor.



Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Father’s Day Proposal Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so how can you make this day extra special? If you’re a single man dating a woman with children, or if you’re a woman dating a man with a family history– perhaps you should seize this opportunity to propose! Here are some ideas.

1. Proposing to Her. Bring your children in on the proposal to your significant other, whether they’re yours or hers. Talk about how amazing she’s been with them, and how she’s a great mother (throw in an “already” if they’re yours, or something along the lines of having the great potential to be a mother). Then let the kids in, and let them propose to her to be their mother, or you propose to her kids about letting you be their father. This will be emotional and wonderful.

2. Proposing to Him. Work up that courage to break the norm and ask him to marry you, but first ask his children if they’ll let you become part of their family. When you propose to him, talk up his qualities as a father and how you know he’s the one for you because of all he’s sacrificed for them. Bring his kids in, letting him know that they’re in on it. They can talk about what an amazing father he is, but how they know he could use someone to balance the work with as well.

Happy (almost) Father’s Day!


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Monday, May 18th, 2015

Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing Around Water

There’s a lot to be said about summer proposals by the lake, or at the beach, or on a boat. Let’s face it, it’s romantic. But as some may have learned, it can also be dangerous. I mean, engagement ring + large body of water = potential to be lost. So, here are some do’s and don’ts.


Like I said, it’s romantic. Propose at the lake! Propose on the beach! Propose on that boat! However, pay attention to the next couple do’s and don’ts, because they’re important! You need to be prepared. You need to be safe. You need to NOT LOSE THAT RING!

Don’t…loosen the rock.

You want that ring to be SAFE, especially if you’re proposing ON the water. Make sure the box is secure, and that ring does not leave the box until you can make sure it goes straight on her finger. The good news is, the box should float (or be easier to find) if you drop it! So, the box is seriously important.

Do…use the real ring.

There may be temptation here to have a ring pop or something until you’re away from that water, but what fun is that? Use the real ring just keep is secure and safe until it goes on to her finger. You can do this by putting the box in another box, keeping it in your pocket (just don’t go swimming!), or having someone nearby hold on to it until the very moment. Whatever you decide, use the real diamond… don’t use a fake just to be extra safe.

Don’t…lose your money.

Make sure that ring is insured, so if you do happen to drop it in the sand or something happens to it due to your surroundings, you’re prepared. You don’t want it sailing off in the waves and you having no backup whatsoever. While I’m not sure “lost at sea” is usually included in insurance, I’m sure you can find a way to make sure you’re covered!


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Monday, May 18th, 2015

Target Proposal Makes Woman Want Wedding at Target, too!

Jennifer, a mom of six, was doing her typical routine of shopping at Target. Little did she know that her boyfriend had a surprise planned.

When Jennifer heard her name over the intercom, she had no idea what was going on. When she entered the cafe area with her shopping basket, she just happened to look over and see her boyfriend on one knee, flowers beside him and ring box open for the proposal. Jennifer was in complete shock, but was so excited to accept.

So where did he get this idea? Jennifer, apparently, loves Target. She’ll be there four to five times a week doing shopping for her family, so it was a safe-bet for her boyfriend that she’d be ready to accept him in her favorite store. But now Jennifer doesn’t just want their engagement to have taken place in their local store– she wants their wedding there as well!

While I, personally, love Target… I’m not sure it’s the place I’d want to have a wedding. However, Jennifer is hoping her store will hop on board and allow the couple to plan their ceremony and such to take place in the store.

What do you think? Would you want your proposal and wedding to take place in your favorite store?



Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Should you propose on her birthday?

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Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Puppy Proposal Ideas

There’s nothing better than a proposal… unless you throw a puppy in the mix. Want to show your girl that you’re more than committed? Here are three ideas on how to propose with a ring and a fuzzy new fur-baby.

1. Ring around the collar. Surprise her with a puppy and tell her that you want to raise it together, and tell her to look at his/her collar. You can even have the ring and, “Will you marry me?” on there! Talk about a way to show commitment! If there’s no baby in the mix, a puppy is the first step… right?

2. Have your dog deliver the message. If you have a dog together, or one of you has a dog already, use this to your advantage. Take a picture of the puppy with a, “Will You Marry Me?” sign or, “Will You Be My Mommy?” or however you want to work it. OR you can have the dog greet her at the door with the same time of deal. However you do it, there’s nothing cuter than one of the four-legged getting in on the moment.

3. Dog Park Excitement. Spend a day out at the dog park enjoying the company and atmosphere. Find a moment to put the ring on your puppy (as long as it’s safe!) and be like, “hey, boy, what did you find?” and then have her look to find her ring! Drop to one knee, untie that ring, and ta-dah! You’re engaged!


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Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Woman Survives Brutal Attack By Her Ex Just Got Engaged… to one of the EMTs who saved her!

In January 2012, Melissa Dohme was stabbed over 30 times by her ex-boyfriend. When EMTs arrived on the scene in Florida, Cameron Hill (one of them) said he couldn’t even tell she was blonde because there was so much blood.

Dohme survived the attack, after flatlining in the hospital four times, and since has become a domestic violence advocate for a local nonprofit in Florida.

Later in 2012 when Dohme was giving a talk at a church, she ran into none other than Cameron Hill. The two felt a spark and agreed to meet up. Thus began a fairytale from a tragedy.

On Monday, May 11th of this year, Dohme was asked to throw the opening pitch for the Tampa Bay Rays to recognize her advocacy work. But she wasn’t expecting something a little more romantic. On the ball, Hill had written, “Will You Marry Me.” He had apparently been planning this surprise for a while, with the help of the Rays.

Can I get a, “And she lived happily ever after?” I mean, I know it’s they… but this girl just deserves this.


Photo Credit: Facebook of Melissa Dohme.




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