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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

‘Extreme’ Proposal Ideas

For those of you that may do some ‘extreme’ dating, what better way to propose than in the same way?

Noted: My ‘extremes’ may not be as extreme as yours.

1. Paint Balling.

This fun game can get pretty intense with high stakes and fierce competition, but what’s to say that won’t make your proposal even more fun? Propose by having it written on a board within your ‘arena’ or somewhere you know your girlfriend will stumble upon it. Let’s just hope she doesn’t shoot you anyway after an amazingly fun proposal!

Photo Credit: Screen Shot from Failure to Launch.

2. Mountain Climbing or White Water Rafting Trip. Get out and be active and throw a proposal into the lot. If you like to be active outside in ‘extreme’ sports, then surely she’ll appreciate you taking one of these opportunities to propose. Try a new route that may be the hardest one you’ve done together and then propose when you’ve accomplished it– or even if you didn’t.

3. Sky Diving. We’ve seen the videos. More and more couples are opting to try this together. Personally, it’s not on my bucket-list, but if it’s on yours what better way to celebrate your (upcoming) proposal by doing it together?


Photo Credit: Screen Shot from Failure to Launch.

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

A Colorful Proposal

I could not stop smiling after watching this adorable proposal between Pete and Jenny. Their family and friends traveled from near and far to be a part of this choreographed moment. Pete’s family flew in from Ireland, Jenny’s family traveled from London, and the madness continues. It’s such a special moment and I love when couples get to have everyone who is a part of their lives involved.

Jenny is lead to sit in the back of a truck, and as soon as the music starts I feel like she knows what’s going on. As the truck continues to drive, more people pop out from the sides that Jenny is surprised by since she’s moving backwards. I love when her family and Pete’s family appear (around 1:40) because Jenny is so surprised her reaction is too precious.

When Pete finally appears (3:22), the crowd parts to make a path for his grand entrance.

I love how simple and yet meaningful is. I have to admit– I may have cried. Maybe.


Saturday, July 26th, 2014

3 Dr. Seuss Inspired Proposal Ideas

Dr. Seuss is not just for children. These classic stories are ones that can speak to everyone. This is probably why Oh, The Places You’ll Go! is often shared when you graduate high school– and grade school, and college, and just about any opportunity. So why not use these classic books to inspire a proposal– especially to someone who may be a true Seuss fan?

1. Green Eggs and Ham. Put your culinary skills to the task of making this dish for your sweetie for breakfast in bed or a special dinner– however you please. Visit Seussville.com for a number of recipes on how to do this. Or write your own version of this tale but instead of “green eggs and ham” write it about marriage.
“And I would marry you on a train, I would marry you in the rain.”

2. Cat in the Hat. I would not suggest going over to her house and making an awful mess. I would suggest, if she’s a cat person, presenting her with a kitten in the classic hat and bow-tie with the ring on it. You could add to this by actually cleaning her house before the proposal.

3. Oh, the Places We’ll Go. Make a scrapbook of all the adventures you have taken together, and include in the book things you’ve talked a bout doing together as well. End it with a page with your proposal or a simple, “Look up!” Make sure you’re waiting on one knee either way you end it.

Do you love Dr. Seuss? What’s your favorite book?


Photo Credit: Fancihorse on Etsy

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Snapchat or Instagram Proposal: Yay or Nay?

With all the technology it’s hard to decide what’s ok and what’s not for a proposal. So if you want to use an app for your proposal, here are my personal thoughts on this subject.


Not only will this picture not be there incredibly long, but it’s not a very reliable way to propose. Yes, odds are, she’ll see it– but how does she know you’re being serious? Even with a proposal holding a ring she could take it as a joke, and I’m not sure that’s how you want your proposal story to go. This is a Nay. However, if you are spending time together and she’s on her phone– this would be a fun way to surprise her. Go in the other room, take a picture of you with the ring, and send it to her. When you hear her gasp, or maybe just hear the notification go off on her phone, come into the room and do the real this. This would be a YAY!


I, personally, absolutely love Instagram. I’m a huge photo person– and I have to admit to take the occasional selfie. Still, to send a picture out into the void that she may not see (unless you use the feature to send it directly) seems risky. I am personally of the opinion that things are always done best if done in person, even though I love Instagram to pieces. However, I’m voting YAY to Instagram. If she loves pictures, and you know she’s going to say yes– sending a direct picture or telling her to check her feed is romantic. Just make sure you’re waiting on her doorstep or close to where she is so you can do a “real” proposal in person as well.

What are your thoughts on social media proposals?


Photo Credit: Keep Calm-o-matic

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars– A Proposal

If you haven’t seen the new movie based on the book by John Green– go see it. Odds are it’s going to make you cry, or at least tear up, but your sweetie will appreciate you seeing it with her. Okay? Okay.

Well, Eric decided he wanted to propose to Nena, and what better way to do that than with a redesigned cover placed on The Fault in Our Stars with a hidden ring inside?

Eric shared the whole thing via Twitter, and I’m happy he didn’t leave us out of this. Obviously Nena loves to read, and I imagine she’s an adoring John Green fan. Not only did Eric propose with a book, but he proposed with it in a bookstore!

Maybe he read my post on how to propose to a bibliophile, because this guy totally hit the jackpot. The only thing I want to know is– was this an extra copy of the book with the ring inside, or did he actually use her copy? Personally, I’m not one for cutting holes in the pages… even for an awesome proposal.


Saturday, July 19th, 2014

4 Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing at Her Work

It’s a tricky business proposing. It’s especially trick if you intend to propose in front of people– and I’m not just talking about your intended. Here are a few guidelines to follow if you’re thinking about proposing at her work place.

1. Do…Make sure she’d like it. Not everyone likes where they work, and while it would be a sweet gesture to propose at her to give the place more of a positive ambiance, I’m not sure it’d counter-balance all the negativity that may be associated with where she works. If she has a lot of coworker friends, or you two work together, or it’s where you met– that’s the exception to the rule. If there are more positive memories tied to her work over negative, I’d say you’re in the clear.

2. Don’t…Embarrass her. Contrary to the belief that teasing girls makes them like you, she will not appreciate it you purposefully propose at work just to ‘make a scene’, especially in a embarrassing manner. She does not want her proposal to be associated with red cheeks and hiding her face in shame.

3. Do…Let someone else know. It’s super romantic to surprise your lady love with your proposal, but make sure you let someone at work know it’s going to happen. It doesn’t have to be everyone, but it’s probably a good idea to rope in who she’s working with that day or her boss or however it works so you don’t get her into trouble. Does she teach? Include the students! Is she a barista? Have a stranger order a special coffee with a note for her. Whatever it is– make sure you include someone whose in her office in on the game. (This will also guarantee someone catches it on camera!)

4. Don’t…Forget to check in. “Honey, I decided to surprise you at work! Honey?” The most important thing is to make sure you know she’s going to be at work before you show up to propose. Whether it’s checking in by text or by phone, know that she’s going to be there for the big moment. You don’t want a random flashmob to happen without the proposal at the end. Am I right?


Photo Credit: Derek Latta Photography

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

3 Things to Talk About Before Popping The Question

I know you may want this to be an all out surprise, and it’s difficult to figure out when you’re giving away too much. However, if you’re in a serious relationship and you’re thinking about taking the next step– here are three things you should make sure you’ve talked about first.

1. Marriage. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure you guys have talked about this crucial next step before popping the question. You may be so certain that you’re ready, but she may not be. Make sure you two have talked about this reasonably and even if you give her a false timeline, make sure she’s ready just the same if you were to propose the next day!

2. Kids. This may seem ridiculous, but if one of you is certain you want kids and the other isn’t, this is something to take into consideration. You don’t want to be married five years down the line and the baby timer is going off for one of you and not the other. Talk about pets and kids and even if it is all hypothetical, it should be a fun conversation if you’re on the same page.

3. Work. If one of you wants to be a stay-at-home parent later down the line, that’s something to consider with your careers. If one of you wants to change careers or ultimately has different goals, that’s something to talk about. Make sure you talk about this openly and without judgement. If one of you has the goal to work long enough to have a 401K started and then opt to stay home with your future kids, but the other person wants you both to work until retirement– these are issues you want to work out to some degree before walking down the aisle, let alone putting a ring on it.

Is there anything you and your significant other have or have not talked about that you think should be discussed before getting engaged?


Photo Credit: Visual Photos

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Engagement 101 styles Bridal Looks at Le Vian Jewelers for Children event in Las Vegas

For the second year in a row Engagement 101 was proud to help style the bridal section of the Le Vian Red Carpet Revue in Las Vegas. The event raised over $180,000 for the Jewelers for Children charity this year. Our editor in chief Severine Ferrari pulled 2 spectacular dresses from Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld. They complimented the gorgeous fine jewelry Le Vian pieces. It was hosted by Julian Rancic from E!  and model Cheryl Tiegs was also in attendance.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

What do Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Beyonce, and Mickey Mouse have to do with each other? One Awesome Proposal!

Jehan wanted to propose to Vish in a way that combined all of her favorite things. It started with her friend, who is in on the proposal, showing Vish a video on youtube that is of Mickey and Minnie Mouse doing the dance to her favorite song from her favorite Bollywood movie. However, the video cuts out and tells Vish to answer the door while her friends flip out their phones and start to record.


Vish is lead outside to a band of Mickeys dancing in the street to all of Vish’s favorite music. I know you want to get to the good part, but really the proposal means nothing if you don’t watch all the dances. I mean, how often do you see Mickey Mouse dancing to modern-day music?

If you do want to skip ahead, Jehan gets on one knee around 5:35.

I just love how not only did he combine all her favorite things, but all of their friends were in on it. Where can I find some guys willing to do this? Anyone? Anyone?


Sunday, July 13th, 2014

How to Propose to a Book Lover

If you are dating a bibliophile, you understand that sometimes the romance in the books she’s reading can outweigh reality. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that she loves to live in the moments of the characters. This should work in your favor, because when you two are together she feels like she’s in her own book with you. So how do you propose to one of these fine book lovers in a way that will tie-in her other favorite loves? Here are some ideas!

1. Book Signing. Take her to a signing of a new author or one of her favorites. Contact the author beforehand about being there if you can, but if all else fails find a moment while there to ask if he/she will sign the book for your significant other in a special way — have the author sign it, “To [name], will you please marry [name]?” Talk about a memory! Just make sure you’re waiting on one knee with the ring when she peeks up from the book to see you.

2. First Edition. There are so many ways to find the first edition of books these days. Do your best to find the first edition of one of her favorite books to go with your proposal. I would not suggest writing in it, but sticking a note in it perhaps on a love scene page or page with an amazing quote. If she’s a real lover of books, as much as she loves you– she doesn’t want you spoiling the first edition with your own writing.

3. Location, location. If going to the bookstore or library is something you tend to accompany her on, why not propose when she’s surrounded by a bunch of books? If we had seen the Beast’s proposal to Belle, you can bet it would have been in the library. Whether you hang a sign or just propose in the stacks, there’s no way to go wrong with this plan.

4. Reenact it. If you missed the post about the Pride & Prejudice proposal, go take a look and take notes. There’s nothing like coming home and walking into the scene of your favorite book, especially if it involves an actual proposal. Go to great lengths to make this girl’s dream come true– be her Mr. Darcy!


Photo Credit: gettyimages




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