Friday, July 24th, 2015

Proposal Ideas for Coffee Lovers

There’s no denying that coffee-lovers are their own breed of humans. So when two come together in a relationship, it’s a beautiful thing. (Yes, I’m serious. And, yes… I might be drinking a cup of coffee while I write this.)

If you’re a coffee lover, and you’re proposing to a coffee lover, here are three ideas to make it an especially delicious, caffeinated proposal!

1. Coffee Designs. Find a talented barista who is capable of making a heart or two in your loved one’s cup of coffee p. Point out how cool the design is when your coffee delivered as a distraction. and drop to one knee before she has a chance to look back up. Simple, and so sweet. Tell her you want her to hold your heart for the rest of her life.

2. Coffee Tasting. While this may get you a little jacked up, plan a date to go taste coffee from all your local places (or buy some coffee and do it at home)! Once you’ve settled on your favorite spot (or flavor), sit and enjoy it. If you’re at a new coffee house, propose by saying you want to make it a new place to remember– and not just for the coffee! If you’re trying some at home, ask her if she’ll share a cup every morning with you for the rest of your lives.

3. Homemade Coffee Mugs. Whether you want to find a mug on Etsy or attempt to make one yourself, use mugs to speak for you. Make her some coffee in the morning (or show up for an afternoon pick-me-up) and have the mug sitting and waiting for her. Whether it says, “Will You Marry Me?” or “Future Mrs. ___”– I think she’ll take the hint and give you her answer once she sees you on one knee with the ring!


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Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Starbucks Lovers Proposal

David decided that in order to make his proposal, he had to go back to the beginning… and include friends and family at that. He also had to convince Starbucks to let friends pose as employees, and get REI to help, too… since the Starbucks is in REI.


So while Stefanie is running around REI, thinking she’s in a contest to get some kind of gift card– what’s REALLY going on is David is getting changed into a suit, friends and family are gathered in the Starbucks, and he’s getting ready to go down on one knee.

If I were Stefanie, I would be so excited because he thought something out that was from the heart, and at the same time annoyed because he had me running and climbing in REI like a madwoman for now reason. I mean, don’t get me wrong– if they’re the kind of couple that climbs and does stuff together (they did meet at REI), then I’m sure she didn’t mind. She still ends up in a dress when he’s on one knee, after all.



Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Tribute to Girlfriend’s Late Father with Amazing Proposal

Hayley’s father passed away in April 2014, and her boyfriend, Tyler, never got to ask him permission to marry his daughter. Tyler wanted to go through that tradition. So when the time came, he decided to ask Haylee’s siblings instead. But when one of Haylee’s brother says that their dad would be 100% for Tyler marrying Haylee (1:50), you know that’s the moment where Tyler was choking up (or, at least, I was while watching this).

Siblings Grant, Zach, and Danielle all gave Tyler their support, which he made sure to document in the video. As for Haylee’s late father, Tyler’s video includes a voiceover letter to him explaining that he’s proposing to Haylee (starts at 1:58), and how he always thought about the day he’d ask him for his blessing.

Around 3:15 of the video, while the couple is in Rome, Tyler drops to one knee. This is the part that’s completely tear-jerking. Because during this time, the voiceover letter to Haylee’s dad says, “But most importantly, I’ll make you proud to call me your son.”

The end of the video will make you laugh, cry, and feel just about every emotion that the pre-proposal footage did, too. So, if you have the time, you should just watch this whole thing. Because it will make you feel ALL the feels.


Sunday, July 19th, 2015

School’s In Session Proposal Ideas

You can now find school supplies in the stores, which means we’re getting closer to the end of the summer. But this doesn’t mean you have to be sad. After all, the beginning of the school year offers so many possibilities for the “fresh start” mantra. That goes for proposing as well! Here are some ideas.

1. My Name Is:  Use name tags to attract your sweetheart’s attention. Get her classmates/students to wear name tags that each say a different word for your proposal. Have the first person give her a notebook or plasterboard to line the name tags up on so she can see the whole message clearly. Be the last one with a “?” and a ring.

2. Teacher’s Pet. There’s nothing more fun than getting the students involved. Whether they hold up signs, deliver flowers, or even recite something: this is one way to do it that never gets old.

3. Advertise. Take out an ad in the school paper, or make your story front-page by pulling some strings. Make sure to mention to her you saw something cool in the school paper, or have a friend do the work for you, so she’s more likely to steal a glance or buy a copy. Trust me. Once she sees it– she’ll want more than one copy!


Photo Credit: VSF Digital Design on Flickr.

Friday, July 17th, 2015

San Diego Comic Con Proposal

Ben and Michael were in San Diego for Comic Con. While Michael was shopping inside the convention center, Ben and some friends set up a little vocal flash mob to surprise Michael with. What Michael didn’t know, until he emerged and Ben lead him into the center, was that the set-up was all for him– and Ben’s proposal.

Pulling on the on-lookers feelings, Ben held up signs to let Michael know that there was nothing he wanted to do more, now that marriage equality is nationwide, than to marry Michael. As the vocalist struggled to keep up her leading ways, since she was crying, Ben then got on one knee and used his words more to finish proposing to Michael.

It had to be pretty amazing to plan this proposal. After all, they were in sunny San Diego with amazing friends, for something super fun– and then a proposal/engagement on top of that? Something tells me Ben had been waiting for the perfect moment to ask Michael the big question, and what better time than this?


Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Aussie Cinema Proposal

Liam wanted to do something special and unique for Amy for his proposal. So he called up some friends, some family, and got the movie theatre involved as well.

Liam decided he wanted to make a music video for the song “Rude” by Magic for his proposal. This, of course, meant involving her dad. It’s probably the cutest thing I’ve seen when, at the end of the music video (4:28) it’s turned around and the dad is there with flowers and champagne.

This is well put together because the video cuts from the music video to Amy watching, all while we still get to enjoy the whole song. It ends, and Liam sows up back in the theater around 4:43.

This is truly one of the cutest videos I’ve seen in a while. What I want to know is– did they end up watching the movie?

Oh! If you skip to 6:20… Magic, in the flesh, sent a little message to Amy and Liam.


Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Airplane Passengers Help Soldier Propose

Misty was waiting at the airport with others to welcome home her boyfriend after a six-month deployment in South Korea. What she didn’t know was that her boyfriend, SGT Vance, had something planned to make the occasion even more special.

As she waited at the bottom of the escalator, other passengers from his flight began showing up holding single roses. The roses, of course, were handed off to Misty until finally her boyfriend appeared with the last rose. As soon as he got off the escalator, he dropped to one knee with the engagement ring.

If you were wondering, she said yes.

Proposals like this are so special each time because it reminds everyone to be thankful for our military and all that they sacrifice.


Friday, July 10th, 2015

Soaking Up the Sun: Proposal Ideas

Going to the beach and/or the pool are a staple of summer. Now that we’re nearing the end (I don’t say that to depress you!), here are a few ideas of making one of those perfect moments last a lifetime.

1. At the Lake. Whether you’re tubing, fishing, or just dipping your toes in to cool off– plan your proposal for one of these days. I would not suggest, however, pulling out the ring if you’re in a tube moving down river, or pulling it out on the boat UNLESS you have it secure!

2. By the pool. Have a summer celebration with those closest to you. When things are at their most exciting, or perhaps when you have a quiet moment, let everyone know what the party is really for. Unroll that banner or just drop to one knee and ask your question! Make sure to have something to celebrate with: cupcakes, champagne, balloons– something!

3. Beach Camping. If you have a love of sand and an adventurous side, take her camping on the beach. Enjoy the smell of salt, the sound of the waves, and whether it’s by the fire or during the sunset or sunrise, it will be hard to beat the atmosphere of this proposal.



Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Wedding Reception Proposal

If you’re going to propose during a reception, this is the way to do it. Because not only are you not stealing the whole show (until this point), but you know the bride and groom are on board with you taking a part of the spotlight for a while.

The bride is getting ready to do the usual tossing-of-the-boquet, but instead she takes everyone by surprise by turning around to look at the awaiting women. Next, she hands off the bouquet to one of her bridesmaids, and promptly turns her around. Who should be waiting there but her boyfriend and [his/her] daughter– and a ring.

I am personally not one for wedding reception proposals, especially if it takes away from the actual wedding that’s going on. However, what amazing friends to have who were not only not upset by this proposal, but in on the surprise! I think this speaks loads for the surprise of the proposal, and the character of the bride and groom.

Congratulations to all!



Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Ice Cream Proposal Ideas

There is nothing like going old-fashioned for your proposal. What better way to try to do that than with two things working in your favor: a hot summer and ice cream.

Here are a few ideas!

1. One Shake, Two Straws. Yes, you know how this goes. After a day of enjoying each other’s company, go somewhere to get an old-fashioned shake and order one with two straws. You can put the ring on top of the shake (though it might sink) or find a way to tie it to the glass (get your waiter in on it), or you can simply slide it her way while she’s focused on slurping down some chocolate. Either way, this is a cute and subtle way to pop the question.

2. Ice Cream Social. Invite some friends and/or family over to enjoy some homemade ice cream, and make it an event. Whether there’s pool fun or just games/company to be enjoyed, have people there to see the magic. When you offer her the first taste of the homemade deliciousness, have her close her eyes. Instead of slipping her a taste, drop to your knee and tell her to open her eyes.

3. Ice Cream on the Beach. Tell her you’re going to get something sweet to cool off with. When you return, hand her the cone and the ring! I mean, you’re on the beach, you’re bringing her food, and you’re proposing. What’s not to love in that moment?

Whether you do it privately or with a bunch of people around, if you have an ice cream lover as your significant other, this is the way to do it!







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