Monday, August 24th, 2015

Proposal in Greece

Aspyn and Parker have been together for years. When the two go on a trip to Greece with friends, Parker decided it was the right time to finally get down on one knee.

The two have YouTube channels, so Parker knew it was very important to capture the moment not only for themselves, but their audiences as well. (There’s a “behind the scenes” video as well as the one posted below.) Parker made a video documenting their relationship to string with his actual proposal, telling everyone just how nervous he was. As Aspyn emerges from their lodgings in Greece, she sees that Parker has set up their patio for a “date.” He even made her food, which apparently is a feat in itself because Aspyn seems to be a picky eater. Around 2:30, we get to see Parker drop to one knee for the big moment.

The only thing about proposing while you’re eating, is if you ask your girl to stand up for a minute… I think it’s pretty obvious what’s coming. “Wait, let me interrupt your eating to make you stand up so I can comfortably tell you how much I love you before awkwardly getting out of my chair as well to get down on one knee.”

Not bashing the moment. This is beautiful. Congrats, you guys!


Friday, August 21st, 2015

Jeremy Kyle Show Proposal

This British TV show is much like any we’ll see during the day in the US. So when this couple is brought on the show to talk about their relationship troubles, we get a reality check as to what trouble really looks like. After this man was sent to prison after getting caught doing something try to “better their situation,” his lady-love cheated on him because she didn’t trust him anymore. Well, that was almost the end of the line… but the couple still saw their relationship through.

So she took a lie detector test to prove that she hadn’t cheated on him again, and that he should have trusted her all along. After Jeremy Kyle reads her results (and she passed with flying colors), she rips up the cards and storms off the stage. But it isn’t over yet.

Around 3:20 he drops to one knee, telling her he loves her and she’s proved she didn’t cheat again. He says please over and over again, and even the host offers a few laughs when he’s like, “Can you give him an answer, then?”

Through it all, though, she loves him… and that’s why she says, “yes.” I have to admit, I was surprised. This guy must have had the element or surprise and TV cameras on his side.


Thursday, August 20th, 2015

First Day of Fall Proposal Ideas

School supplies, Halloween decorations, Pumpkin Spice Latte (almost)… all these things are rapidly appear. You know what that means? The first day of fall is about a month away! So how do you use this special change of the seasons to propose? Here are a few ideas!

1. Prepare for the Season. Go to your local craft store or shopping place of your choosing and start loading up on all the goodies. Buy her favorite seasonal candy, a new wreath for her door, a tumbler for her coffee– whatever you can think of that will get her excited for the season! Amidst all those fun treasures, pull out that ring as an, “I almost forgot” moment and ask her if she’ll add “get engaged” to her list of things to enjoy in the fall. (But do ask her the actual question, because girls like/want that.)

2. Enjoy the Weather. The first day of fall is usually still pretty warm. I mean, it is only September 22nd… and the feel of summer hasn’t quite disappeared by then. So get outside and go hiking, or find a new spot that will be a place to visit when the leaves change, or go sit in the park on an afternoon. Whatever you like to do together to get outside, do it with the idea that you’re saying good-bye to summer and hello to fall… and your engagement!

3. Make a Fall To-Do List. I say “to do” and not “bucket” because then you’re more likely to do it! After you make it, find something that you can do that very day– and propose while you’re doing it! Whether it’s, “Buy Halloween Candy” or “Find some Acorns,” the very idea of starting your to-do list with an engagement will make it even more fun to do the rest!


Photo Credit: Flickr

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Santorini Promotional Proposal

Haley and David were planning to travel to Santorini, a lifetime dream of both of theirs. When they received a letter from the hotel they were staying at asking for couples to volunteer to be part of a promotional project including photos and videos, they decided to participate.

What Haley didn’t know, was that David was planning the whole thing, and it wasn’t a promotional thing at all– it was for his proposal.

After a romantic evening spent on a sunset cruise, Haley had an idea that this could be “the moment,” but the filming crew reassured her that this was just for their promotional video, and David assured her half-heartedly that this wasn’t the time.

The following day she received a massage and the opportunity to get her nails and hair done through this “promotional project.” The VIP treatment was continued into the evening when the couple was asked to take photos in the area, leading up to a mountain view that was near the hotel. As they were there, Haley’s attention was directed to two people holding a banner with the proposal printed on it. And when she turned back to David, there he was on one knee.

This video is very promotional-esque, but it’s something the two will have for the rest of their lives to remember David’s set-up. I’d call that a win!



Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

How to Propose Locally (Seasonal Ideas)

You can live in a place and never truly see the sights. When it comes to proposing, how do you take advantage of this fact? Here are four proposal ideas– one for each season!

1. Fall: Find the Best Leaves. We are nearing that time of year when the leaves begin to change and (some of us) go into sweater-weather. Whether you live in a tourist spot for leaves or somewhere they don’t really change colors, go in search of that taste of fall. Find the best spot that isn’t crowded with tourists and take some pictures. Pack a picnic, cozy up with some comfort foods, and then set the timer on your camera… and propose.

2. Winter: Christmas Lights. No matter where you live, you can drive around and eventually find some amazing light displays. Scope out the neighborhoods before you decide to take your sweetie driving, and find the best spot. When you get out there, act like teenagers and insist you get out to thoroughly enjoy the magic. Whether you talk to the house-owner beforehand to snap a shot of you in front of the display, or you simply take a selfie from near your car… it’s a sweet moment to propose. Don’t want it to be this simple? Find a Christmas market and do it there!

3. Spring: Arboretum. So many cities have such beautiful gardens and arboretums. If you live near one, or have one where you are, take the time to go visit it when the blooms are at their best. It will provide the perfect backdrop for your proposal and pictures.

4. Summer: Bucket List. Summer is the time to make and do a bucket list together. It’s when everyone has the most time off, and usually provides the best weather for it. Go swimming in a new spot, watch a sunset from the highest point in your city, go fishing, go to a drive in movie, try a new restaurant downtown– there are so many opportunities/things to do that provide a perfect moment for a proposal.


Photo Credit: Flickr

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

She Learned to Scuba Dive for Her Proposal

Mark wanted to go above and beyond to propose to Sarah. Once she came up with her plan, she knew that she had truly done her job to make her girlfriend’s proposal amazing.

Sarah is a Marine Biologiest, and Markie, well… she didn’t know how to scuba dive. So to propose to her girlfriend, she thought it only made sense to show her just how much she loved her– by getting certified to scuba dive! She surprised Sarah, who thought she was on a dive with other friends, under water with a signs. She said she’d go to the bottom of the ocean ocean for her love… but right now she was only certified to 60 feet. How cute is that?

Unable to speak, Sarah nods her head enthusiastically and gives Markie a big thumbs up before they can surface and do the usual celebrating with a hug, a kiss, and…you know… fresh air to breathe.

In the end, she proposes again on shore and we get a shot of that beautiful ring! What an amazing story to get to tell family and friends down the line.

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

For the Ladies: Exercises to Prep for “That Special Moment”

OK, ladies. We all know that there are three important things when the proposal comes your way:

1. Pictures.

2. Acting surprised.

3. Pictures.

Did I get everything?

How do you practice for this moment when you think it’s about to arrive (or maybe so some day you’ll be ready)? I’ve got you covered. Let’s go in the order of what’s most important.

1. Pictures:

Practice your most natural poses possible in case your fiancee has hired a photographer for the occasion. Make sure that no matter what you two are doing, you’re prepared with done hair, makeup, and perfect clothes. You don’t want your engagement photos to be you in sweats, do you? Take advice from these two here:

(Photo Credit: Flickr)

2. Surprise Face:

You don’t want him to think you were expecting this, do you? I mean, let’s be real! Even if you two have talked and talked about it, you want to make him feel good when he makes those reservations at the perfect restaurant on your anniversary and invited all your friends and family. “THIS IS REALLY THE MOMENT? OH MY GOSH! THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED!” Note: Practicing with a mirror is highly recommended.

(Photo Credit: Flickr)

3. Pictures:

If he doesn’t have a photographer waiting in the bushes to surprise you and the pictures aren’t guaranteed, practice your selfie poses (obviously). If you’re a professional, you still may want to practice lifting that phone at the perfect angle so he doesn’t re-think his proposal when you have to take a million pictures just to get that one perfect one. You may appreciate the perfection of a selfie, but he’s bound to think it’s ridiculous (even if he just wants to make you happy). Practice lifting your phone, tablet, weights, forks, books with a straight arm so as to not falter, but have it at the perfect height.

Hope this helps you in your time of need and excitement!


Friday, August 14th, 2015

For the Guys: Exercises to Prep for Your Proposal

We all know that the day of your proposal is nerve wracking. You’re afraid something will go wrong. What if you start to get down on one knee, and your knee cracks– or gives out? Or what if you drop the ring? Or you get excited and want to pick her up, but then you drop her? WHAT HAPPENS THEN?

Fear not, my friends. After all, there are so many things you can do to help get yourself in shape for this big moment.


First… get that stress out. The best pose, I’ve found, is the puppy pose:

(Photo Credit: Flickr)

This will loosen your lips, get that booty nice and tight, and ready your body for anything that might be coming your way. Perfect, right?

Next, you want to do some lunges to get those legs in shape! And while you’re doing them… keep your arms straight out like a ninja as to avoid the possibility of dropping the ring in the motion of going down on one knee. You. Can. Do. This. 

(Photo Credits: Flickr and Flickr)

Lastly, in case you should get carried away, practice throwing a buddy over your shoulder in what is called the “Fireman Carry.” This way, if you happen to scoop her up in your arms… you won’t drop her. It’s guaranteed.

If all else fails, make no sudden movements. Don’t do anything you know is beyond your capability. But for goodness sake man… STILL ASK THAT QUESTION!


Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

A Smile-Worthy Proposal

Tanner wanted to propose to Bri, and decided the cutest way to do it would be at her work. He went to see the dentist (who was, of course, in on the coo) and acted like it was a normal check-up for his teeth. While Bri was busy doing her job, the dentist and other hygienist assistants arranged everything for the big moment.

Bri leaves the room to get some things the dentist has requested. When she does, her coworkers get busy- fast! They grab a spit cloth (that’s the proper term there) that says “Marry Me?” and put a ring up on the screen for her to see as she walks out (1:48). She seems confused, but to me there’s a flicker in her eye that says, “This is it!”

This is one time, I imagine, that Tanner didn’t mind going to the dentist!


Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

“Try Before You Buy” Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Choosing an antique diamond is a great eco-friendly option when it comes to your engagement ring. The Love Affair Diamonds collection features repurposed vintage diamond, each filled with so much history, in elegant vintage inspired settings. 

The company recently launched their “Try Before You Buy” program, with a choice of seven engagement ring designs (as well as eight wedding bands) you can order and try on for free at home for three days to see how you feel about it! They’ll mail you a sample ring to try on in person by pre-authorizing the replacement cost of the ring and round-trip shipping on your credit card. Send the ring back, and the transaction will be cancelled, minus the shipping cost. But if you decide to place an order, the shipping fee will be waved.

See more Love Affair Diamonds engagement rings >>





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