Monday, September 15th, 2014

‘The List’ Proposal : A Romantic Comedy Trailer

Mindy and Andrew have been together for a while, and the time has come for Andrew to engaged. He just has one slight problem: Mindy’s list. She’s told him everything that has to happen before they take that next step.

Instead of feeling completely overwhelmed, Andrew decides to show Mindy just how “serious” he is by making a romantic comedy-like movie trailer including friends and family and Mindy herself, and how he’s made it through her sacred list. He rents out a movie theatre and fills it with friends and family for the event. To skip ahead, he drops to one knee at 3:30, but come on. You have to watch the video.

This trailer had me rolling with laughter and crying just from Mindy’s reactions and Andrew’s quirky self. When Mindy says that she just wants to know that Andrew put time into their proposal, I think this proves he did just that (and checked everything off the list)!


Saturday, September 13th, 2014

3 Ideas on Proposing with Apples (as in the fruit)

In Ancient Greece it used to be considered a marriage proposal if a guy threw an apple at a girl. Luckily, we’ve progressed since then. However, those ancient men may have had the right idea– by proposing with the fruit, I mean. Here are a few more elaborate ideas.

1. Take Her Apple Picking. If you live anywhere near an orchard, or want to make a bed & breakfast road trip out of it, go do some picking! Not only is it a fun atmosphere and will present a wonderful backdrop (yeah… you should invite a friend or photographer), but you’ll reap the benefits of a new engagement and some sweet fruit to turn into a pie (or whatever else tickles your fancy).

2. To the core. Take a heart-shaped cookie cutter to some apple slices and put the ring in there instead. Whether you use string to secure it or put it on her plate that way, it’s a sweet way to let her know she’s the ‘apple of your eye’.

3. Get crafty. Check out this adorable craft from Crafty Moods and make it a ring box. Include some appleseeds or treats to go with the theme of your proposal. When you present it to her, she’ll have no idea what’s really hiding inside!

Have some apple-sweet proposal ideas? Leave a comment!


Photo Courtesy of Crafty Moods

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Alumni and A Cappella Make One Outstanding Proposal

Alex and Anna met when they were in college at USC. Put a few years under their relationship belt and they’re there visiting as alumni. Alex decided it was high time to propose, so he enlisted the help of the current a cappella groups at the college. Needless to say, Anna was surprised.

The two are called on stage as USC lovers and Alex gives the group a song to serenade his sweetie with. It seems “too good to be true” when the group knows the song immediately, but as Alex joins in on the singing Anna must’ve known something was up.

I’m a sucker for proposals like this. Personally I think you should enjoy the tunes, but if you want to skip ahead to the moment at 4:00.

If you didn’t guess, this made me cry. Oh, the talent!


Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Baby and a Proposal

Lisa and Paudie were expecting their first baby– a precious little boy.

This new dad decided to enlist the help of his son (already) in one great surprise for the love of his life. Before the baby was handed over to his mommy again, dad had him dressed in a very special onesie which read, ‘will you marry my daddy?’

Lisa uploaded a picture of the special moment to her Facebook.

Not only did she get to announce the birth of her son, Conan, but her engagement as well. She said it was the ‘happiest day of her life’.

It’d be pretty hard to say no to a proposal like this. As you can imagine, she didn’t. Who could say no to the love of her life and her newborn?

Congrats (on all accounts) to the happy family!


Photo courtesy of Lisa Keogh’s Facebook.

Monday, September 8th, 2014

New Wedding Ring Case Will Keep Your Proposal a True Surprise

Stand back, gentlemen. I present to you a way to propose to your girl without her stumbling across the typical engagement ring box. Please say hello to the Clifton, formally known as the Packed Engagement Ring, from Canada-based designer Andrew Zo.

This sleek ring case ranges from $99 – $119. It’s the perfect solution if you’re awful with surprises. I mean, it’s one thing to carry around a slim case that resembles a wallet– it’s another to carry around the typical box.

The Clifton is on the left, wallet on the right.

At approximately 1cm thick, Clifton presents the ring with a flower blooming effect when opened, making the moment even more enchanting.

For more information, follow this link. I think all men should look into this option– it’s just so cool!


Photos Courtesy of Clifton/Andrew Zo

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Proposing With Pumpkins

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, which means it’s not too early to start thinking pumpkin when it comes to proposing. Here are three ideas!

1. Carve it out. You have many options here. Host a pumpkin carving party and have everyone in on the fun, carving a letter for each pumpkin. Carve pumpkins together and have your secret message hidden until your grand reveal. Surprise her with a carved pumpkin on her porch, in a pumpkin patch– see what I mean?

2. Pumpkin Patch. Go on a hot date to a local pumpkin patch or farmer’s market for the fall. Place the ring on the stem of a little pumpkin and tell her you found the perfect one. Hand her the surprise, then drop to one knee (once she’s noticed the pumpkin’s accessory).

3. Put it IN the pumpkin. Hollow out your pumpkins for carving. Offer to take out the ‘guts’ of hers and once it’s nice and clean put the ring inside. Just make sure to be like, “Make sure it’s clean enough before you put the light in it, honey.” What a way to find the ring!


Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Facebook, originally taken by Casey Robey.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

3 Birthday Proposal Ideas

While proposing on birthdays can be a tricky business, more and more people are taking advantage of making the special day even more special. Here are three ideas to make her wish come true before (or after) the candles are blown out.

1. Write it on the cake. Surprise her by having the cake not only say, “Happy Birthday” but “Will You Marry Me?” as well! Have someone else bring the cake out so you can drop to one knee as she sees everything in writing. Perfect, because people with cameras won’t look suspicious!

2. Wrap it up. THE RING. Wrap up the ring. Put it in the ring box, in a larger box, in a larger box, and so on. You can get creative with this. When she’s unwrapping this huge present, her mind running wild with possibilities, she’ll have no idea that what’s really waiting inside is an engagement ring!

3. Surprise Party. Throwing her a surprise party for her birthday is wonderful, but this one can double as an engagement party! Have all your friends and family there as a big surprise, only to make it even more dramatic when you pick the moment to drop to one knee.

Which sounds like the best birthday proposal to you?


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Tractor + Airplane = One Amazing Proposal

Simo wanted to propose to Stef in a very special way, so he enrolled the help of his dad and some others to help make his plans come to life. After coming up with a program to help him figure out how to carve his proposal into the grass, he had to wait on the ground while Stef went for an airplane ride to see the view.

While Simo wasn’t in the plane, we get to see Stef’s reaction from a hidden camera (1:50). She immediately starts crying, and even when the plane comes to a land we see her mouth, “Yes!” to Simo through the window (2:22).

Then we get to see the proposal from a really cool angle– only from their shadows. Simo does a proper proposal on one knee and all.

What a sweet and well-planned proposal!



Saturday, August 30th, 2014

4 Popular Proposal Trends

Planning the proposal is up to the guy, planning the wedding is up to the girl.

OK, not entirely true, but that’s what it seems like these days! The proposal is not *just* a proposal anymore, it’s an event. Here are four things that are popular right now!

1. Flashmob. What’s better than getting a group of strangers, friends, and/or family together to dance to a marriage song or your song for your proposal? Not much. What’s even better is when the proposer gets in on the fun, completely by surprise to the proposee.

2. Destination Proposals. Flying her to Paris– it’s been done. Taking a romantic vacation together only to find your friends and family are close-by– that’s happened, too. Going somewhere exotic or meaningful just the two of you, or including others in on the surprise, is a great way to propose. And it’s trending!

3. Recording the Moment. Whether you propose during a photo shoot, tell her you’re recording something that you’re really not, or have a friend hiding in the bushes when it happens, these days it’s pretty much unheard of to not capture the moment on some kind of film. It’s important to record, after all, since it’s such a big step in your relationship!

4. Holiday Proposals. It’s an easy date to remember, you’re surrounded by the people you love, and the atmosphere is automatically set. It’s no wonder men are choosing to propose on holidays!


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Friday, August 29th, 2014

An Irish Rugby Proposal

Luke and Christina met while working at Aviva Stadium with the Irish Rugby team. They even had their first date there. So naturally Luke thought it was the place he needed to propose.

After his introduction, Luke picks Christina up under the pretense that he has to measure part of the pitch (I’m assuming this has to do with his work). Their back-and-forth is so funny because Christina keeps asking him if something is wrong because he’s got a “cheeky grin” on his face (1:35). She even says he acts like he’s been drinking! Little does she know her man is a puddle of nerves.

When they get to the rugby stadium Christina seems worried that Luke doesn’t have permission to be there. Then she’s all confused when he starts telling her where to hold the measuring tape, which she thinks is too small for what he’s supposed to be doing. As she’s distracted, the scoreboard lights up with Luke’s proposal, and he finally points it out to her and drops to one knee (2:45).

Christina, thus far, has one of my favorite reactions to her proposal. The whole time she thinks something’s wrong with Luke, and then when it comes down to it she’s just blown away! Oh, and awesome job Luke for having friends and family waiting up in a box of the stadium. He’s all, “You should call your mom– oh wait, just kidding, your parents are up there! Wave!”





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