Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Proposing on Your Anniversary

Every couple likes to celebrate their anniversary a little differently, but if you’re thinking of taking the plunge on that special date– you may want to pay attention to this advice! Here are three tips on how to make it special, unique, and most of all: a surprise!

1. Downplay it just right. Whether your anniversary falls on a Monday or a Saturday, make sure to downplay it a little. Tell her you’re excited to celebrate, but you hope she’s ok with minimalistic plans because you’ve been so swamped with this, that, or the other. However, don’t downplay it TOO much to the point where she’s in a rotten mood or just doesn’t want to celebrate because she doesn’t think you care.

2. Include others. Whether you just include them in a video, letting them know what you’re planning, or being there for the surprise itself– having your friends and family be a part of the big moment is special, because they’re going to be there the rest of your life. Also, surprises are hard to keep to yourself… so it’s good to have a confidante (or two) that you know will keep the secret but be excited with you.

3. Remember to celebrate your past as much as your future. Obviously, getting engaged is all about the next step: marriage. But don’t forget to celebrate the moments that you got there. After all, it’s your anniversary! You’re celebrating the time that you’ve spent together up to that moment, and therefore it’s just as important as the future you hope to have. You wouldn’t have that future without the past, the good and the bad– so make sure to let her know that!


Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Spy Themed Movie Trailer Proposal

James wanted to propose to Tina in a way she’d never forget. So, of course that involved getting her into a special screening of Jurassic World in Baltimore, only to have it really be about his proposal movie trailer.

Tina loves spy movies, so James decided to speak her “love language” and make a (pretty good) trailer that would play on her emotions. It doesn’t take long for Tina to realize that the trailer has some of her family and friends in it, and she’s the reason for the trailer itself. When it ends, James comes into the theatre and gets down on one knee (3:50).

What Tina also doesn’t know, is that her whole family is waiting upstairs in the theatre for her as a celebration surprise.

It’s also fun, because at the big moment the two do a little sit-down interview where we get to hear all the details we didn’t see in the video. Whole thing is well worth a watch.



Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Last Minute 4th of July Proposal Ideas

It’s the week of Independence Day and you’ve decided it’s time to propose! But, wait…how are you going to plan it so last minute?! Here are three ideas!

1. Grill Out.  There’s nothing like grilling on the Fourth of July, and odds are you can round up some friends and family who don’t have any plans (or are willing to change them) last minute. So grab some burgers and decorations, and prepare a speech, and you’re set!

2. Private Fireworks. If you live somewhere that you’re able, buy some home fireworks and tell her you wanted to do something a little more private for Independence Day. Whether you write it with a sparkler or ask her when you’re shooting off some Roman Candles, it will be a night to remember.

3. Poolside. Another fun thing to do that’s laid back is to hang out at the local pool. It may be a little busy, but there’s still something intoxicating about the chlorine and red, white, and blue. While she’s sun bathing, or after you guys have cooled off in the water, surprise her by pulling that ring out of somewhere safe (a beach bag, perhaps?).



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Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Ring Cam, A Ring Box to Capture Your Proposal on Video

It’s not always easy to capture the proposal in action. You could hire a professional photographer to hide somewhere behind a tree or get your best friend attempt it on his brand new iPhone, but what if the camera was hiding in the box itself? That’s what Ring Cam is all about. A little spy in your pocket, ready to snap your most precious memory. For $99, you can rent this magic box for 2 weeks, $199 if you want the custom video. With this, you’ll be sure to capture the moment you’ll never forget. Hopefully, she’ll say yes.

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Proposal Short

Samantha thought she was just going to a screening of Jurassic World. What she didn’t know was that her boyfriend, Adam, had planned something a little extra for their outing.

Making it look like a Disney trailer to begin with, Adam made a short that would preview before the screening to propose to Samantha. Not only did he and their dog go on a scavenger hunt to collect pieces of wood from spots significant to their relationship, but he included their family in on the proposal as well.

The whole thing is precious, but when the family gets involved is when we get clued in to just what is really going on. This happens around 3:50.

My favorite part? Well, the star of the show has to be their dog. I mean, come on! He does all the recovery work for the wood, right?

We don’t get to see it in the video… but it has been reported that Samantha said yes!


Thursday, June 25th, 2015

End of Summer Proposal Ideas– Making the most of the season!

If you have a job that allows you time off for the summer, or you’re planning a vacation, then you should think about using the whole season to your advantage. Butter your loved one up with beach time, outdoor activities, and more. Then, when it’s coming to an end, drop to one knee. Here are a few ideas!

1. Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted. Take an amazing summer vacation together, and plan it for the end of the season. This way you avoid plenty of tourists (because they’ve already done it), and you get to enjoy the last fading summer rays. When the time is right, perhaps at the end of the trip, plan something romantic and use that as your proposal time. Tell her how you’ve not just been waiting the summer, but your entire life to find someone like her.

2. Bucket List. Make a summer bucket list of all the things you want to do together. When you’ve checked everything off your list, tell her you want to add one more item– but it’s a surprise! Plan accordingly, as always, and present the list back to her right before you drop to one knee and have it say, “Get Engaged.” (There’s a whole post on this idea!)

3. Summer Scrapbook. If you’ve been together a long time, collect pictures of the summers you’ve spent together and put them in order. Tell her how much you love the free time you have together, and then as she draws to the end of the scrapbook have a blank page that said, “Got engaged!” with the date. Drop to one knee, of course!


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Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Glee-Inspired Proposal

Terry and Tom had been together for quite some time… to the point where Terry had started asking Tom when he was going to propose. However, Tom wasn’t about to settle for an average proposal. So, for six months, he planned, rehearsed, and invited, well, everyone.

Tom staged a volleyball tournament with his church and music students for Terry to attend. As the game begins, however, it’s interrupted by music- and that’s when the fun begins.

Tom begins to sing, with the help of his students, and lead Terry into the church where the pews are filled with friends and family while a choir joins in up front. Around 4:10 is when Tom has done a costume change and begins his speech for the finale.

Who could possibly say no to a proposal like this? I’d say this would be a moment worth waiting for.


Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Should you propose on her birthday?

It’s always fun to throw a proposal into a special day, such as a holiday or graduation. But should you propose on her birthday? Here are a few reasons FOR and AGAINST doing it!

FOR…Family and Friends.

Whether it’s on her EXACT birthday or not, proposing at a birthday party could be super special. Everyone is already gathered, and you may not have to get her anything other than that engagement ring! Plus, it’s more celebrating HER and HER special moment. It’s not taking away from anyone else’s day, it’s just adding to hers.


Gosh forbid that someday down the road you don’t make it. Then she’ll have to spend every year thinking about you and that proposal on her birthday. While you clearly aren’t planning for your life together to fail, it’s something to take into consideration when proposing– especially if you intend to propose on one of HER days.

FOR…Easy Delivery.

You don’t have to worry about hiding the ring. Instead, you can wrap it up in a box (inside a box, inside a box) to get it to her. You also have an excuse to surprise her with an amazing gift of some kind since it’s her birthday! She won’t be thrown off or suspect a proposal, she’ll just think it’s for her birthday.

AGAINST…Celebrate one at a time.

If your girl is someone who wants a reason to celebrate EVERY occasion, then you shouldn’t propose on her birthday. Why? Because she’ll want her birthday to be about her birthday, and the engagement to be about the engagement. She won’t want to mix them in together because then she doesn’t get two moments to shine.

Whatever you do, this all depends on the woman you are with!


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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian at the Armenian Bar Association to Honor Their Father

The Armenian Bar Association honored the Kardashians on Saturday, June 13, 2015. Kim and Kourtney attended an event in honor of their late father and received amazing custom made necklaces by jewelry designer Vanna K! Vanna K recently designed beautiful classical Armenian initial pendant necklaces that are set in yellow, white, or rose gold with diamonds.  The pendants have a vintage feel, as both the pendant and the attached chain are finished with antique milgrain etching. These pendants have special significance to Vanna who is immensely proud of her Armenian heritage and culture. Therefore, in the centennial year, Vanna wanted to create pieces that would honor the Armenian language, which has been one of the most important pillars of Armenians’ collective national identity.

Describing her love for her language, Vanna stated, “The Armenian language is linguistically beautiful, aesthetically and visually ornate, and culturally priceless.  It was important for me to create pieces that celebrated our alphabet, as our literary heritage has been, and will continue to be an important part of our struggle to preserve our identity.” Vanna continued, “My hope is that when women wear these close to their heart, they proudly remind the world and themselves of their rich Armenian heritage and our deep cultural roots.” These unique necklaces are available in all 38 letters of the Armenian alphabet. The Kardashian sisters are wearing them here!

See more Vanna K jewelry >>

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Summer Bucket List Ideas (for a proposal)

Summer is the time to get out and do things together as a couple. Maybe you have all the free time, maybe you don’t. Either way, making a seasonal bucket list is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you seize the wonderful weather. How do you tune this to your proposal? Well, here are a few ideas!

1. Photo Document-it. Suggest doing a summer bucket list and getting a picture for every item. Whether it’s something as simple as grabbing a milkshake, or something as risqué as going skinny-dipping! Buy an old polaroid camera for the occasion. You can then use these pictures to make a photo book, leaving the opportunity to put on the last page, “Get Engaged” and let her look at the book/the last page before you drop to one knee.

2. Opportunities to Propose. Creating a bucket-list and doing all the items on it creates countless opportunities for you to propose. You don’t have to wait until you’ve done everything on the list, after all. Road trip on the list? Propose during that road trip! Super romantic date on there? TA-DAH! She’ll never suspect because these things are on your seasonal “to-do” list.

3. Making it count. This is the perfect way to show her just how much your relationship means to you, and the type of commitment she can look forward to after you’re married. You’ll be putting her and your relationship first to accomplish all these fun things, and it leaves it open for you to continue this tradition for years to come. After you’ve done everything on your list, tell her you need to add one more item. Scribble it on there, and then hand it to her. As she reads what you’ve written, drop to one knee!


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