Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Proposing to a Tea Lover

Sure, there’s plenty of stuff out there for coffee addicts and appreciators, but what about tea? For those of you who may be dating a gal who loves a strong cuppa in the morning (or afternoon, or evening), here are some proposal ideas.

1. Tea Tasting. Find a local tea-room or tea shop that will allow you to do some taste-testing of their teas. Plant a tea cup for the last one that ends up being empty, but has “Will You Marry Me?” written inside of it.

2. Formal Tea Set. Buy her first set of real teacups and teapot (with help or approval or memory) and present her with a teatime treat. Include macaroons or fingerfoods (cakes, lemon squares–whatever she fancies). The rest is up to you. You could present the ring on the tray, or a card full of mushy-gushy words that allow you time to get on one knee. Whatever you desire, this is a wonderful presentation for a proposal.

3. Tea Basket. Go to a tea shop or store that has varieties of tea– whether she prefers organic, bags, loose leaf… the possibilities are endless. Throw in some yummy tea-specific snacks (tea biscuits, crumpets, etc.) and a good book or DVD you know she’s been dying to get. Put the ring in there, or present the basket and wait until she’s done swooning over the before you propose!


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Friday, March 20th, 2015

Surprise, Unbelievable Proposal with a “Whisper Challenge”

Kevin wanted to propose to his girlfriend of five years, Marie. The two have been through thick and thin together, and have a young son– so Kevin didn’t want to do just anything. At first he thought he’d just google proposals and do something that someone else had already done, but he decided that just wasn’t his style. When he was looking for ideas, he came across a “whisper challenge” and decided to bring his girlfriend in on it as part of his YouTube channel, unknowingly surprising her with a real proposal.

After a few rounds of playing loud music and guessing what the other person is saying, Kevin says, “Together Forever.” When Marie guesses the right answer (around 6:06 of the video), Kevin says he won. Marie is horribly confused, since she guessed the right answer– but Kevin tells her, “You didn’t answer the question.” He then pulls out a beautiful princess-cut engagement ring.

My favorite part of this proposal is it takes Marie a good two minutes to believe that Kevin is proposing. She even looks around, trying to see if someone is going to jump out and tell her it’s a prank. She keeps asking him over and over if it’s a prank, and it isn’t until the very end of the video (8:30)  where we get another clip of her and she’s crying– finally realizing that it’s for real.


Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Family Proposal Ideas

In this day and age, there’s a great chance that you have kids, or your significant other has kids. If this is the case, and you’re about to take the leap to become one, big, happy family– you may want to remember that the proposal doesn’t just involve you and your love, but your kids as well. So how do you bring them in on the proposal? Here are three ideas.

1. Go on a family vacation. Take a trip with all parties involved, respecting room boundaries (unless you’re already living together, of course), and let everyone get to know one another while spending some good quality time together. When the opportunity presents itself, talk to the kids about the proposal and what it would mean before you actually propose. After all, you have to be committed to making it all work– not just with your significant other, but with the kids as well.

2. Take the kids out. If they kids belong to your lady, offer to take them out for a day of fun. Use this opportunity to tell them how much your mom means to you, and that you’re thinking of proposing and ask what they think. If they’re your kids, this still applies. Try to present an opportunity that they can spend quality time with your s/o to make sure they’re good with the situation. You CAN get married even if the kids aren’t ok with it, but the more people you have on board– the easier it’s going to be.

3. Involve them in the proposal. Bringing the family together through marriage is a big deal, so involve the kids in the proposal. It will make it even more special, and it will let them know that they won’t be forgotten or lost in the mix as things change.


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Spontaneous Proposal, with Congrats from Ryan Gosling

After the premier of Ryan Gosling’s movie, Lost River, Heather decided it was time to propose to her girlfriend of 11 years. She had been carrying the ring in her pocket, waiting for the opportunity to present itself, and she just decided that after the great movie– it was time.

Heather and her girlfriend had been together for 11 years, with a break of two years somewhere in there. She decided that she never wanted that to happen again, and wanted to make sure she got to spend the rest of her life with the woman of her dreams.

The great thing is, Heather is selected to ask Ryan Gosling a question, and instead decided to propose. Ryan then offers her the mic, not wanting to miss out on the gushy details of this fantastic moment. So, Heather got engaged– and go to graze Ryan’s hand. I’d call that a win-win, right?



Friday, March 13th, 2015

Spring Proposal Ideas

As we prepare for warmer weather, also prepare for your proposal! Here are four ideas perfect for spring.

1. Florals. Go for a walk in your local gardens, or seek out your nearest botanical, for a chance to watch as spring comes into full swing. When you find the prettiest spot (pre-determined, if you can, with someone waiting to snap some shots), get down on one knee.

2. Take a Hike. As the weather warms up, there’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors– especially if you love doing that sort of thing together! Get out in your gear and enjoy some views. When you reach the end of your trail, you know what to do! She’ll have a hard time hiking back because her eyes will be glued to that ring on her finger.

3. Zoo Date. Arrange for a behind-the-scenes date at the zoo and find a feature where you can be around her favorite animal (as long as it’s not dangerous, that is). Feed the penguins or giraffes, or maybe get in to see the elephants. Whatever you can do, it will make your proposal that much cuter.

4. Roadtrip. Not warm where you are? Don’t panic! Plan a surprise road trip. Don’t tell her where you’re going, but pack a basket of snacks and little hints as to where you’re headed. You could make a playlist that for the road reflecting your relationship/destination, and make stops along the way where you buy little things so she can always remember the perfect trip/day/proposal.


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Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Man Proposes Every Day FOR A YEAR Without Girlfriend Knowing

Dean decided to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Jennifer, at a resort in Aruba on her birthday. The proposal, however, was anything but ordinary.

After having her family lead her to the beach, she was given a video to watch. The “countdown” to the proposal begins at 3:15 of the video. Dean committed to letting Jennifer know every day for a year just how much he loved her before he actually got down on one knee.

14:25 of the video, after seeing bits and pieces of their life for an entire year, the video tells Jennifer to turn around. There Dean has spread flower pedals (and a group of beach on-lookers has gathered). He gets down on one knee as the sun is setting behind them, and (unsurprisingly) Jennifer says yes… much to Dean’s relief since he has such an audience at that point.

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite proposals. It takes a very strong man to follow this through for an entire year and not give away the game. Well done, Dean!


Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Easter Proposal Ideas

It’s that time of year when the Easter bunny and everything revolving around it appears again. If you have Easter traditions, this may be a great time to propose to that special lady. Here are three ideas to make the day more memorable (and your proposal slightly easier)!

1. Easter Basket. Fill the basket with things that will be extra special to your girlfriend, and maybe have them all be hints! If you’re religious, you could put a “Family Bible” in there, or something for your future home. Or you could just fill it with the usual chocolates and spring-fun stuff. Buy some of those plastic eggs and fill them with candy– all except one. Make sure you know which one it is, too! Maybe only have one egg that color to guarantee you know, and when she opens it– do your thing!

2. Sunday Best. Arrange to propose at church when everyone is in their pastels and the wonderful mood of Easter! Whether it’s with the whole congregation involved, or just a special presentation in a spot that has special meaning to you. The great thing about this is, it will be a day to remember and it will make for awesome pictures!

3. Easter Bunny. If you want to go the more “secular” route, arrange with the Easter Bunny at your local mall or maybe charity even to help you propose. Whether it’s holding a sign, giving your girlfriend a special egg, or embarrassing her in some other way– incorporate the holiday fun and get some pictures that will make your grandkids laugh someday!


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Friday, March 6th, 2015

“Selfie” Proposal Reaction Too Cute for Words

Sometimes you have to take the simple route to proposing. We all don’t have the ability to hire someone to hide in the bushes, nonchalantly, as the guy proposes. Or perhaps we don’t have a way to get friends and family involved, or decided it’d be best to keep it “just the two.” Regardless of the reason, this proposal is way too cute– and the reaction is absolutely priceless.

Now, if he’s recording while he’s proposing– he’s obviously not going to get the greatest angles. Still, the fact that her eyes pretty much bulge out and the first thing she says is, “WHAT?” as he gets down on one knee is too cute. Clearly this man took her by surprise, and that makes it absolutely priceless.

She also doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that the engagement ring is loose– she just wants to make sure he isn’t messing with her.


Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Proposal Ideas for Spring’s Arrival

While snow is still dumping on parts of the country, it is the month of spring! This means that you have to be prepared for it to randomly start warming up again. I mean, if it can jump from 20 to 60 in Iowa over the course of a few days, there’s hope for everyone, right?

Here are some ideas to propose as spring arrives!

1. ‘Easter’ Basket. Surprise your sweetie with a spring-themed basket full of her favorite goodies for the warmer weather. From flower-scented candles to her favorite shade of lipstick to a new pair of sandals, lay it on thick. At the bottom of the basket, put the ring in a safe place. When she’s going through the basket and sees that little box, she’s bound to pause. When she does, get down on one knee!

2. Farmer’s Market. Get outside and go shopping for some fresh produce. Enjoy the atmosphere and take part in any taste testing you can. Whether you buy some food for a snack or pack a picnic to go with your new goodies afterwards, this is a laid-back way to propose while enjoying the new, beautiful weather.

3. Blooms, Flowers, and more! Go for a walk and collect as many blooms as you can find– wildflowers are always amazing. If that’s not your thing, visit an arboretum to look for new blooms. Lastly, if you aren’t finding blooms just yet, there’s nothing wrong with buying a bouquet of her favorite flowers for her and giving them to her in the spot with the greenest grass you can find. Not only are you celebrating the beginning of spring, you’re celebrating the beginning of the new step your relationship is taking!


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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

“Heads Up” Proposal on Ellen!

Jessie and Johnny had been writing into the Ellen Show in an attempt to get tickets to go for years. Jessie admitted to Ellen she had tried to write in as herself, Johnny, and even her grandmother to get the tickets. Finally, Ellen responded and flew the couple out to her show. What Jessie didn’t know, though, was that Johnny was the one who convinced Ellen to do it.


Ellen asks the couple to play a round of “Heads Up,” which is essentially a fancy way to play charades. The first few words are easy (1:55), but when the screen says “Proposal” Jessie is beyond excited– her reaction is immediate, to the point that Johnny didn’t even get to actually ask the words (2:15).

The lesson from all this? If you can get on a talk show to propose, DO IT. Odds are you’ll not only get your exciting moment broadcasted, but you’ll probably come out of it with a honeymoon, cash, or more! I mean, what’s not to love about that?


Photo and Video courtesy of: The Ellen Show.




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