Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Disney World Proposal with a Twist

Patrick and Gavin have been together for three years. They met at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and it was fireworks ever since. One night, Gavin thought he was just going out to drinks with friends. What he wasn’t expecting, was an amazing proposal.

Gavin is met along the boardwalk by more friends and family. Each time, they hand him a note that Patrick wrote him. And boy are they all tear jerkers. When they reach a part of the boardwalk, there are dancers waiting to dance beautifully. Around 4:53, they finally part to show us all Gavin, ready with more of a speech as he drops to one knee.

What really got me is the last person holding a note, who I’m assuming is Gavin’s dad. It got him so emotional and it really made me get teary-eyed.

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Proposing During a TV-Show Binge

Don’t deny it. We all do it. Whether it’s through Netflix, or just on cable, there has been at least one occasion where you have more-than-likely binged a whole season (or five) or a certain show. And, personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. My husband and I love to find new shows (or old shows) and watch episode after episode when we have lazy days.

So how do you take this mindset and use it for a proposal? Here are three ideas!

1. Watch her favorite show. There are plenty of shows that I have begged my husband to watch. Be romantic and think about her by giving in to watch Dawson’s Creek, or whatever show it is that she swears you’ll like and you’ve been against watching. Buy some of her favorite snacks, perhaps a bottle of wine, and when you’re at a break in the show (or a romantic point), seize the moment and tell her you love her in all of her glory and pop the question!

2. Host a party. Waiting for the next season of your favorite show to come on to Netflix? Once it does, invite your friends who love to watch it for a themed party of the show. Rewatch the latest season, followed by as much of the new season as you can. When the time is right, get everyone’s attention, and take advantage of your repertoire by proposing!

3. Pajamas and no makeup. Girls love to know that they are loved regardless of how they look. Whether they’re dressed in their finest or relaxing at home in their yoga pants, they want to know that their significant other is going to love them through it all (and notice the little things, of course). Show up with a season or two of a show and some new pjs for her, letting her know just how much it means to you that she’s that comfortable around you. When the time is right, let her know that you’re going to love her in sickness and in health, in heels and slippers, and pull out that ring for the clincher.


Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Easter Proposal Prank

This is just one of those things, in my opinion, that you don’t do. Setting up like you’re going to propose and being nervous and all is one thing… but doing it knowing full well you don’t mean it? Yeah… I would have dumped him.

So, guy calls girlfriend to come meet him and leaves a trail of Easter eggs for her to follow to “the grass of love.” Friends are there with balloons, acting all romantic, and he has a golden egg that, along with his speech, would make someone think there’s a ring in there. But as soon as he drops to one knee, he asks, “Will you have an egg fight with me?”

His friends have then reappeared and begin pelting eggs at her.

The “proposal” starts around 2:05. I just can’t believe that he would do this to her after being together for three years. I mean, three months is one thing… but three years? It would have taken a lot for me to withhold tears. I wouldn’t have been a good sport like she is.

What do you think? How would you have reacted?

If you’re really planning a proposal, check out our engagement ring gallery >>


Monday, April 6th, 2015

Earth Day Proposal Ideas

Earth Day is April 22nd and there’s nothing like being enviromental for your proposal. If you aren’t always out and about helping the earth and minimizing your carbon footprint, you’re in luck. I have some ideas for you that are environmentally sound and romantic for your proposal!

1. Plant a tree. Yes, I’m serious. Join a group or plant one in your yard (if you own your house or are able to at your rental). Carve your names into the tree or a stone to put next to the tree, and then tell her you can’t wait to see the tree grow just like your love– and how you want to be old and gray together when the tree can shade you. That’s your cue to get on one knee!

2. Farmer’s Market. There’s nothing like supporting local produce to make you feel more Earth-friendly. Dress up and go buy your fruits, veggies, flowers– whatever you may need for a fun day out in nature. After you’ve finished all your shopping, find a cute spot to try some samples and pucker up the courage to pull out that ring!

3. Use your bikes. Take the day to use only your bikes to get around. Go to the park, ride to a close store– use it to give you exercise and to reduce pollution/oil and gas usage for a day! Prep a picnic and ride your bikes to a cozy spot, and then take the time to relax, talk about your love, and propose!

4. Clean up. While wearing gloves and some sort of sanitation gear may not be viewed as romantic, spend your day doing some good and offering to help clean up local parks/roads/wherever you may be needed. After you’ve showered from your hard days work, go somewhere local for a bite to eat and propose!


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs Engaged!

If you didn’t hear T-Pain on April Fools Day tell Vulture this his pal had proposed to FKA Twigs, then take it back as a joke, then you’re not alone. However, a source has finally confirmed that the two are actually engaged!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, since near the end of 2014 Pattinson gave Twigs a promise ring and even had an I-want-to-marry-you dinner with their closest friends. He also took her home for the holidays to meet his parents, who apparently gave their stamp of approval. The couple also moved in together just last month.

Now, if we could just get a glimpse of the shiny new ring Pattinson more than likely gave twigs, that would be great!


Photo Credit: E! Online.

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

May Day Proposal Ideas

It’s hard enough to believe it’s April, but that means May Day is just around the corner…er…month. Whether you celebrate this wonderful day or not, it’s a fun time to get creative with your proposal. Here are a few ideas!

1. Decorate with flowers. While she’s at work or early in the morning, surprise her by decorating the house with flowers. Surprise her with a planter in front, vases in every room, and a basket full of freshly-picked blooms. May Day was originally celebrated to honor the goddess of fruit and flowers, so even throw in a fruit basket if you wish! When she comes home, or wakes up, she’ll feel fresh and renewed– the perfect time for you to be waiting (surrounded by petals, of course) with the ring and proposal!

2. Host a bonfire. Bring in the month with friends, family, and a bonfire (if it’s not too hot). Have your first cookout and when the time is right, call everyone’s attention (or steal her away) and ask her to marry you. You could enhance the moment by having a crown/wreath of flowers ready for her to wear as the “May Day Queen” for the moment.

3. May Day Basket. My favorite May Day tradition is dropping a basket on the doorstep, ringing the doorbell, and running away. However, if you’re going to propose, you may want to stick around. Fill the basket with flowers or flower petals and place the ring box on top, or dangle the ring on a ribbon from the handle. Hide momentarily until you know she’s got the basket, and then come out and drop to one knee.

If these aren’t for you, you can always find a way to erect a maypole in your backyard and do some dancing before you propose!


Photo credit: Shutterstock

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Insta Proposal- An Instagram Relationship

Scott and Ryan connected through Instagram, so of course when Ryan decided to propose– he had to use the app to do it. But he didn’t do it alone. He involved quite a few friends and family in on the game to make it even more fun. I mean, an Instagram scavenger hunt of sorts… what can beat that?

After a well-planned day of fun for Scott, Ryan set up a romantic walk at home for him. He enters the house to a path lit by lights and candles, scattered with their dated Instagram pictures (around 4:07). Scott very diligently takes his time, looking at everything Ryan has set up for him. But, of course, as he nears the backyard– he’s more interested on seeing Ryan out there in a suit, surrounded by rose petals, more pictures, and beautiful lights. Ryan gets down on knee knee around 4:55, and Scott says “absolutely.” I mean, could he really say anything else?

In the end, the friends and family that were involved during the day are at the house for a celebration. Everyone, take note. This is the way to propose.

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Princess Proposal Ideas

Every girl has that side of her that wants the glass slipper deal. If your girlfriend’s princess side is more obvious than others, here are three ideas on how to give her a princess-worthy proposal.

1. Horse (and carriage) Ride. Whether you’re on a noble stead or being lead by one, there’s nothing more romantic than going for a ride with the four-legged friends. Take her riding on the beach, or on a trail. Or, if you live somewhere you can get a horse and carriage or horse and buggy ride, do that! When the time is right, you can pull out the ring.

2. Glass Slipper. You can find the real deal or her version of a “glass slipper” to propose. Find her perfect pair of shoes and tell her even Cinderella didn’t have as good of taste. Put the ring inside the shoe. Just remember, if it’s see-through, she’ll be eying that before she notices the new kicks.

3. May I have this dance? Whether you set up the “ball” in her living room or her favorite spot, give her a reason to get the royal treatment and dress up. Invite her friends and family (if this isn’t a previously-planned event, like a military ball) and surprise her with the night of her life. Not only will she feel like a princess, but she’ll have the ring and prince to go along with it.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Pilot Proposal on Alaskan Airlines

On a typical flight from Washington state to Alaska, the pilot came on over the loud speaker and decided to tell everyone flying about how he met the girl of his dreams.

Funny twist in the story, is how his mom first told him about the amazing flight attendant she met when she was flying to visit her son. Though he thought he was doing fine on his own, he had no idea that three months later he would end up meeting and asking out that  same flight attendant.

Two years later, she’s working on the same plane her boyfriend is flying. He said their relationship started at 34,000 feet, so he wanted to continue it at 34,000 feet. Now, that’s a line!


Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Adorable Proposal with Two Daughters

Scott and Caitlin have been together for six years. With that, they’ve had two girls together. Yet, as Scott’s signs said, something was “missing.” Caitlin/Mommy still didn’t have the last name as her partner and two girls. So Scott decided it was about time for that to change.

This is so amazing, because whether you’re getting married to the father of your children or another, it makes it so special for him to involve them in the proposal. These two little girls are so adorable with the signs and facial expressions. They may not understand completely what’s going on, but they know it’s something important and special they get to be a part of.

This totally made me cry. And though you don’t get to see it, Caitlin/Mommy did say “yes!”





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