How to Pick the Right Diamond Cut for Your Engagement Ring


Contrary to what many believe, a diamonds cut is not its “shape”. Diamonds crystals typically grow in an “octahedron” shape, which resembles two 4-sided pyramids with their bases connected. From here, thy are cut into a variety of shapes.

How the gem cutter picks a cut

In order to determine the best shape to cut a diamond, a gem cuter will look at the rough crystal through magnification and determine how to cut the largest diamond possible, in a pleasing shape, while cutting away inclusions or flaws, or positioning them in a manner that will minimize their affect on the finished beauty of the diamond.

Quality cutting

Quality cutting is critical to a diamonds beauty and value because of the way a diamond will reflect and refract light and therefore sparkle. The cutter will determine the best angles and measurements for the polished planes- called facets. The more ideally aligned the angles in order to maximize light return out of the top, and the more smooth, even and ploshed the planes, the more rare.

The different shapes

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Brilliant cut

The most common shape that a diamond is cut into is the round “brilliant”, which features 58 facets and is believed by many who love diamond “sparkle” to show off a diamond to its best effect. Browse brilliant cut engagement rings >>

Princess cut

The next most popular shape is the “princess”, similar in faceting to the brilliant but featuring a square silhouette. This shape cut away the least amount of the original diamond crustal and is vert effective in maintaining size and weight. Browse princess cut engagement rings >>

Square cut

“Square” shaped diamonds and “emerald cut” diamonds (and baguettes) are faceted on what is known as a ‘step-cut” format, which accentuates the diamonds, luster, whiteness and clarity and returns bright white flashes of light for those who prefer that look. Browse square cut engagement rings >>

Other cuts

Other popular shapes are “oval”, “cushion” and “asscher” cuts. More rare shapes are “hearts”, “trillions” and a variety of specialized designer shapes/cuts. Browse other cuts engagement rings >>

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