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Let’s face it! When was the last time you heard a girlfriend tell you that she wishes her engagement ring were smaller and less brilliant? Probably never, right?

The truth is that women start the qualification of the perfect engagement ring long before the question is popped. Research from a number of sources shows that the desired shape is one of the first factors chosen, followed by a number of other priorities on ring style, etc. On an anecdotal level, women agree that they would like the largest and most brilliant diamond that fits within the budget of the groom to be. Therein lay the dilemma! How can her desire be met on a budget that he is comfortable with?


Enter Christopher Designs and their patented group of technologically reengineered diamond cuts – L’Amour Crisscut. Engineer, diamond cutter and inventor, Christopher Slowinski spent years examining the way diamonds reflect light and discovered that the old methods of cutting were not necessarily the best methods. For example, he discovered that traditional diamonds carried a significant amount of valuable weight in an area hidden by the setting, the pavilion.

He realized that by changing the proportion of the pavilion and perfecting a different faceting method, that he was able to move more of the costly weight up on top, where it could be seen, and improve the brightness, whiteness and scintillation of the diamond.  The results are brilliantly clear.

Diamonds, in 4 popular shapes, that are brighter and whiter looking and that appear 35%-60% larger (dependent upon the shape) than their traditional generic-cut counterparts. The improved pavilion faceting also removes the unsightly “bowtie effect” often seen in a generic pear cut and oval cut.


Just like with computers and cellphones, the brilliance the size of diamonds can be improved by technology. None of us works any longer on a Commodore 64 or makes a call from a Motorola DynaTAC phone. Why shouldn’t diamond cuts be updated to release maximum fire and brilliance – and appear larger? Today you can have a diamond that fits all of qualifications AND fits into his budget. Why settle for less?

The L’Amour Crisscut diamonds come in different shapes, take our quiz to find out which one better suits your personality here.

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