Who should be involved and help you prepare a proposal?



Have you considered who should be involved in your marriage proposal…family, friends, a large audience or just the two of you? We have found most women prefer a proposal in a private or semi-private setting. Quite simply it really depends on your girlfriend. You probably can figure out whether or not she would be elated to have family and friends participate with your engagement. If you’re still unsure, there is always the option of an intimate setting for the two of you, followed by a surprise gathering of family and friends. Voila!

Her Parents:


It may seem too traditional for your taste, nevertheless, asking both her father and her mother for their blessing will always be a plus in her and her parents book.  In addition, if you don’t plan on asking them to share in the “popping the question” moment, then this is the perfect solution so that they feel involved, while allowing you to have your private, intimate proposal.

If her father or mother is sadly no longer present, talk to her brother, sister, uncle or her closest family member about the proposal so her family is in the know.

Her Best Friends/Sisters:


These fine women can be your saving grace when it comes to planning and executing your proposal. Whether it’s your future fiancée’s best friend (or sister) subtly scoping-out her dream engagement ring or adding a female’s perspective when it comes to your proposal idea, she can be of great help. Typically her favorite gals know her SO well it can be scary, but for the proposal, it’s to your benefit!

There are multiple approaches when it comes to including your girlfriends BFF’s.  She can help brainstorm ideas if you’re “stuck” or running low on creativity, set up proposal decor at a special place (then hide in the bushes to witness her “yes!”), participate in a choreographed dance routine during the actual proposal or organize a surprise engagement party to follow.

For many women, not only having their family’s approval but also their dearest friends’ blessings means the world to them.

Professional Photographer and Videographer:

As mentioned in my previous article, capturing the proposal on camera and film is always a go.  It’s one in a handful of life moments you’ll remember like it was yesterday.  Looking through your proposal photos and video footage will assuredly shepherd in all of those incredible feelings from that day!

Proposal Planner:

If you are at all concerned that her mom or best friend might blow the surprise, a “marriage proposal planner” is the perfect resource. With a library of quality vendors, no direct communication with your girlfriend, and with expertise at crossing all your T’s on the big day, your proposal will remain a surprise. It gets better too. It’s a guarantee that you’ll be considerably less anxious with a team of experts cheering you on and handling the details behind the scene, so that you can focus on the purpose of that day.

Don’t Involve Your Friends/Family and Not Hers

Seems like common sense, but it happens too often. The guy invites his family and friends to be a part of the engagement celebration but her side is nowhere in sight. If you want your family and friends involved then extend the same invitation to hers as well.

Heather Vaughn

heather-vaughnAbout Heather: Heather Vaughn is the Creator and President of The Yes Girls and  Love, The Yes Girls.

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