QUIZ: What’s Her Engagement Ring Style?

The hardest part about buying an engagement ring is figuring out what kind of engagement ring style she likes, especially when you’re supposed to somehow keep the whole thing a surprise. Most women will drop hints, while others might choose a more direct approach and simply show their boyfriends what kind of ring they want. But if you’re still struggling with picking out an engagement ring, take this quiz to find out what kind of engagement ring she’ll be thrilled to have. You can look up any engagement ring featured in the result in our ring gallery.

  1. On an average day, what kind of clothes does she wear?

  2. What does she accessorize with?

  3. How much does she spend on her wardrobe?

  4. How does she style her hair?

  5. What kind of job does she have?

  6. What is her room like?

  7. How would you describe her personality?

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Comments (40)


  1. This is my girl to a tee!! She is just like the quiz has said she is!! Amazing!!

  2. Velisha Scogin says:

    OK, this is not accurate at all. I hate these rings, lol!

  3. foreverhisarmylove says:

    I love your rings

  4. Michelle says:

    They have my personality right but I really do not like the rings, thinner shanks covered with pave diamonds, yes but not so plain…

  5. Michael blair jr says:

    I think the quiz was very accurate. I would have gone over the top on the ring!

  6. simply_me says:

    they seem to match me pretty well

  7. meerkat says:

    wow, either I don’t know myself or this quiz is bonkers, but I hope this is not what my guy would use to decide. It said I’m “quirky”, but based on the two accompanying photos, that really would not be my style. Then again, I would wear a chewing gum wrapper on my finger if it were from him 😀

  8. Richi says:

    That is awesome!!! Easy way to find a Ring

  9. Gisela Vega says:

    Right on! I have a pear shape and my original setting was a marquee. Love both styles!

  10. Gigi Vega says:

    I like that it’s very simple

  11. Mandi says:

    I just took this quiz for fun and I don’t care for these rings they came up with for me. They are cute but not for me.

  12. Angela says:

    I love both these rings…. I hope he takes a similar quiz prior to purchasing my ring. But as stated in a previous comment I would wear anything that he bought for me.

  13. Debra says:

    they were totally wrong my personality is not that of a girlie girl at all. and those rings were cute just not for me and my finger. hopefully me and my bf will talk about marriage and i’ll just be nice and show him some rings that i would like and he can choose which one to get.

  14. R A Williams says:

    Eww. What ugly, tasteless things. I would hate to have to wear one. The one on the right has potential, except it looks like somebody ran over it and it’s all twisted up. The stone is set at an angle. Did they just not pay attention to manufacturing quality, or did it get stuck in some machinery?

    If a person simply must wear jewelry, what’s wrong with an old family ring that’s been around 50 to 100 years, instead of all of this trendy off-centered asymmetrical silver garbage that was obviously purchased for the occasion? If a person’s forced to buy a ring because of circumstance, which is always unfortunate, can’t it at least look like something with some history or culture behind it? Technically it’s none of a woman’s business what her engagement ring looks like, but if she plans to wear it in public, wouldn’t something non-embarrassing work better?

  15. Adrianne says:

    Wow, right on the money! And I think Diana Vincent is my new favorite jewelry designer.

  16. Lady T says:

    Well I think the site is on point with my personality but has me pegged all wrong with those rings. I do not care for those rings and if my man bought them it would be the thought that count So I would still wear it. Just like the other young ladies said I will wear anything from him. I think my man has great taste and he is very close with my family and they know just what I like so I would hope he would ask them first.

  17. Ashley says:

    I was on the fence with a few questions, but this quiz nailed me down perfectly. I love a vintage look and though those rings aren’t my “DREAM RING” it definitely narrowed down the field. My boyfriend would be pointed in the right direction, which is better than no quiz at all. Good work!

  18. Millee says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a while, and I know that he’s the type to take this kind of quiz because he’s so terribly indecisive. I just want to say that this quiz is very accurate in terms of what I would want in such a ring. Like previous comments, I would be completely content regardless of what he chose, but these kinds of things are so important, that I know my boyfriend would do a Ton of researching before he decided on what to get. I didn’t even know what I would choose. The vintage style is ideal for me…. I can’t even express why. Although I personally can’t describe my style, I felt the description was completely accurate, even though I didn’t personally like the rings that were pictured. If I find myself to be so lucky to call myself his wife someday, this description is embalmatic of our relationship: classic, timeless, and the envy of our peers… Damnit. <3

  19. K says:

    Finally,an accurate quiz!! I am practical. Thank you. I do not want a huge diamond ring, although I know many girls do which is great, but that’s not me. I would feel guilty and awkward wearing a ring that is so expensive. A simple silver band with some small detail would do me fine. But I have to agree with the others, I didn’t quite care for the pictures. 😉

  20. renette says:

    They got my personality right but not the rings.
    I dont like them. So be careful you new-groom-to-be

  21. Tanna says:

    My personality is to a T. And even though i hate jewelry the rings are definitely something that i wouldn’t mind wearing everyday.

  22. Krystina says:

    This was not accurate at all! I hated all of those rings and i’m not ‘quirky’.

  23. amarie88 says:

    The description is me for sure. But those rings are ugly as hell

  24. lacey says:

    I took this test for myself just for the hell of it and it is so correct lol

  25. Savannah says:

    I took this quiz for myself to see how accurate it was. Which it wasn’t accurate at all.

  26. Takeeta says:

    Well my personality is right, but I wouldn’t put them rings on or do I believe
    ,I would want to wear them forever. I am more for the color stone and Halo setting

  27. aser says:

    I took it for myself andbthe ring i love showed up. Amazing.
    Any one who says its not accurate lied during the quiz

  28. Michelle says:

    Not correct at all! Im a very plain person but I want a very out there sparkley ring. I don’t wear jewelry but a wedding/engagement ring is special and I want everyone to be jealous!

  29. Lori says:

    This is not accurate! I’m a jewelry lover and round stones aren’t my favorite. Of course, they are pretty, all cuts are pretty! My favorite is Emerald Cut :)

  30. Missie says:

    I have to say, I had no clue what ring I want and it made it hard to find something I like but I have to say, this quiz nailed me. Plus, I ACTUALLY liked the styles shown. Not gaudy or huge and flashy, just tasteful and simple. Good job.

  31. Shannon says:

    This describes me perfectly, but I would like a ring that is a little more than these.

  32. stacey says:

    Wow. This is me exactly and the rings are BANG ON what I would want!! Great quiz!

  33. gabi says:

    So not right. I am far from being a girly girl. I am rough and rugged haha. I’d be good with just a band, as long as my husband comes with it.

  34. Shmeesh says:

    i did this just for kicks to see what it would peg me as and … Quirky I am. What I am not though is a selfish little brat. Some of you guys sound horrendous in your negative responses. “I hope he gets me…”, “What ugly rings”… You all need to check your priorities and really listen to how snobby and selfish you sound. My goodness!

  35. Bree says:

    Although I didn’t like the exact rings pictured for my results the description was spot on. I was surprised by how accurately my preferences were depicted.

  36. b says:

    This is not me at all. I have to be practical because I’m a mom and my kids come first. I want a heart shape.

  37. jay says:

    I took the test for fun I’m practical witch is true but I’m also kinda girly this was a good sight for men to kinda get an idea on what his future wife would like or might like and for all the hurtful commits I heard from us women the truth is hard to believe and as women we will not always agree with others very well

  38. Ari says:

    UGH! Description was accurate but I don’t like those rings at all! I’d rather have the man I love.

  39. ashley lego says:

    .. this isn’t really my style….. but I would honestly be happy with whatever he got me.. but I do kinda like the one on the left

  40. Kathy says:

    That is it exactly

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