Know Your Engagement Ring Terminology


prong-settingWhen you first start shopping for an engagement ring, the terminology can sometimes be a little intimidating. Solitaire, settings, mounts…what? Below is a quick glossary of some basic terms you need to know before you start shopping for the engagement ring.



Stone noun \ˈstōn\

Pretty self-explanatory, but this is usually the diamond or gemstone.


Setting noun \sɛtɪŋ\

(Also known as Mounts or Blanks)

This is where the stone sits. If you purchase an engagement ring setting or an engagement ring mount, these are engagement rings without a center stone.



Solitaire noun /sol-i-tair/

A solitaire setting has space for a single featured stone in a plain band.


Multi-stone noun /muhl-tee ˈstōn/

A multi-stone setting has space for two or more feature stones in each mounting.


Semi-mount noun /sem-ahy mount/

This is a ring already decorated with diamonds or colored stones with spaces for a central featured stone.


Pave noun /pav-ey/

A pave setting is a semi-mount featuring tiny stones set so close together that very little metal shows through. The name comes from the French for pavement — it’s “paved” with precious stones. Get it?

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