How to Get Him to Propose?


You’ve had the talk, you’ve been open about wanting marriage, and the clock is ticking. This relationship has been amazing, and you’ve made it through thick-and-thin already – but he hasn’t popped the question! (Yet.) Here are a few tips on how to push him in the right direction.


Avoid playing games or dropping hints and just discuss the situation maturely

Men do not communicate like women. Leaving engagement magazines lying around the apartment and putting pictures of rings up on the computer does not mean he’ll know that’s what you’re hinting at. Granted, let’s hope he gets some of the idea – but that doesn’t mean that he’ll follow through.

Bring it up casually

But no matter how you do it, just make sure you don’t avoid the topic. “The only way to get a guy to propose is to set up expectations that you expect to date for marriage.” said relationship expert Amy Schoen, author of Motivated to Marry.

Give Him a Break

Getting engaged shouldn’t feel like a chore. If he feels pressured, he might get too stressed out to plan the perfect proposal he had in mind in the first place. Once you made sure he knows you’re expecting him to take the plunge, let him breathe, relax, and enjoy your loving relationship.


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