QUIZ: Is He or She the One?


You may think you love everything about your boyfriend or girlfriend– from the way they walk to the way the world settles around you when you’re together. He may be the closest you’ve ever been to a dream guy, but are you sure he’s the guy? Or the girl? Before investing in an engagement ring and in a lifetime together, take this quiz to see if they are really the woman you’ve been waiting for.

  1. First things first -- how long have you been together?

  2. How do you feel when you’re around him or her?

  3. Have you talked about money?

  4. Do you see eye-to-eye on children?

  5. Have you talked about husband and wife roles within the household? Do you agree?

  6. Let’s get personal: how’s your sex life? Do your drives match?

  7. Do your families get along? How do the folks feel about them?

  8. Be honest -- have you talked about marriage?

  9. How would you describe how you and your partner communicate?

  10. The most important question of all: what does your gut tell you? Do you really think they’re the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

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  1. a27luckywoman@yahoo.com says:

    Idk….the answers they provide barely cover my answer….i found myself choosing alot of close but not quite answers

  2. sara says:

    same also all the anwsers about kids in all the quizes iv done on this site seem to assume all women want kids, thats not the case or like my case i want to adopt but am opposed to having biological children where as my partner would prefer biological, obviously these quizes are just for fun but its just a really outdated assumption that all couples should want to breed

  3. Little Davey says:

    The answers are too long

  4. Ashley says:

    Thst was fun

  5. Emalie says:

    wow this was amazeballs

  6. gaby says:

    OMG this is gret now we can finally get married!! <3

  7. Chad says:

    Love it

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