8 Reasons You Should Get Engaged (in GIFs!)


You’ve been together for what feels like forever but you’re still unsure if you’re ready to take that next step and march down the aisle. While you should only get married when you’re both ready – if you need a little nudging (or your partner does) here are ten reasons you definitely should get engaged this fall – as told by our favorite GIFs!

1- Be able to relax

You love each other now, but after you make it through all of the stress of engagement planning, you’ll be so happy to settle in together in your new (or old) home and relax a bit in married life.

2- Celebrate!

Three (very steamy, exciting) words: celebratory engagement sex!

3- List things on your registry (with your price scanner gun)

Though it can be difficult at times, when it comes time to register for all of those things you need (and okay, want) on your registry, you get to walk around shopping together with magical price scanner guns.

4- Plan your honeymoon

Picking out your flower arrangements and place settings might be tedious, but you also get to spend time dreaming about that awesome trip you get to go on post-wedding – your honeymoon!

5- Your bachelorette (or bachelor) party

You get to have a bachelorette (or bachelor) party with the people who love you the most. And probably make you take the most shots!

6 – Buy the dress

You only get one very special day to buy the dress you’ve dreamed of and walk down the runway, eh, aisle, toward the man you love. But to get there – you’ve gotta’ get engaged.

7 – Tell your friends

You can tell your friends… ‘he put a ring on it’! (And you know, that moment will be one of the best of your life that you’ll never forget.)

8 – What are you waiting for?

Because if you love each other, if you want to spend your life together, if you can’t wait to see him every single day and you feel so blessed to be with him… what are you waiting for?

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