Never Say Never – It Just Takes One!


If America’s arguably biggest bachelor can be persuaded to get married – what does that say about all of the seemingly unavailable men that most of us have dated (or ahem, are still dating)? While it’s inspiring that George Clooney found love and is excited to get married,  it’s important to remember a few guidelines when falling for and possibly dating toxic bachelors.

Never Say Never – But Listen!

It’s easy to imagine dream fantasies in your head when you meet someone new: “His last name sounds so good with my first!” “Maybe he’ll propose where we met!” “He is so good around my dog, he’d probably make a great dad!” – but instead of indulging in daydreams, pay close attention to the words men say. Most don’t sugarcoat things in the way women often do, and while everyone can change their mind, try not to look through rose-colored glasses and pay attention.

Ask the Right Questions

Most unavailable men are that way because they’re still getting over things from their past. There might have been a tumultuous relationship or a difficult childhood experience that has made them not only afraid of commitment, but also hesitant to trust, too. Ask him pointed questions that aren’t invasive, but get to the root of his issues. By showing how much you’re invested in him – and in the relationship, you’ll help ease his fears and build your love. When men are the most comfortable, they’re the most likely to fall in love.

Don’t Fall Too Fast – But Give Him a Chance!

The hardest part about dating someone who has previously said they didn’t want to settle down is trusting your gut enough to know if that’s his past talking or his real thoughts. Just like Clooney, sometimes it just takes one right fit or one right girl to remind him that good, honest and reliable relationships are possible. While you shouldn’t fall head over heels too fast, you have to let yourself be vulnerable to see if his grass really will be greener. 

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