How to Get Over Your Winter Funk With Your Love


Winter’s harsh snow storms and freezing temperatures does a few things for your relationship: gives you more snuggle time and gives you plenty of reasons to be thoroughly annoyed at your guy. Especially if you’re living together, being stuck inside for long periods of time can cause even the happiest of couples to argue over silly things. Plus, most people suffer from a mild case of the winter blues, so your relationship can definitely be something you take your anxiety out on. Here are some tips to get back into the swing of your relationship – and make it better – this spring!

Get Active

With perfect 50-degree days ahead of you in the springtime months, plan something active with your boyfriend. From riding bikes to picking up jogging, there are lots of fun date activities that will help you shed those winter pounds and connect over something healthy. There’s nothing better than coming back from an outdoor workout and celebrating – in the bedroom!- with your man.

Clean Up

Your guy might not be into the idea of cleaning through everything in your apartment but entice him to get into the spirit with you by soliciting a sexy reward at the end. Or better yet – for everything that you donate or throw out, you have more room for things that he wants (new television, those silly video games, etc.). By getting rid of the clutter that you’ve built up, you’re opening up space in your actual apartment and in your relationship.

Plan a Trip

Since you won’t be doomed by the weather forecast anymore, it’s the ideal time to plan a getaway together. If you book before May, you’ll save money on flights and avoid summertime highs. Think about a tropical paradise or just a weekend jaunt that’s not too far from your home.

By Aurora Brown
Photo Credit: freedigitalphoto

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