How to Plan the Best Birthday Proposal
Birthday proposals can be awesome and down the road it will be one date that will become even more special for both of you.
He Just Proposed. Now What?
Call both your parents and close family before posting on social media.
Thanksgiving: a Meaningful Time for a Proposal
Thanksgiving is a time where everyone sits around the table to eat a fantastic meal, or maybe you sit in front of the football game, or eat outside– whatever your tradition is, it’s one where ever
Three ways to ask her father's permission
Maybe it's kind of old fashioned. But the art of asking her father's permission is actually something people still do. Sure, many opt out because 1) a woman is no longer the property of her father an
How to Prevent Bad Surprises When Proposing On a Summer Day
School’s out for summer! Well, even if you’re out of school, no one can deny that the summer season has a wonderful quality about it. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s the perfect time for