Your Engagement Beauty Horoscope


Turn to the stars for tips on looking your best. Read on for your engagement beauty horoscope, and learn how to put your best face forward. -Annie Chambliss

aries taurus
Aries Taurus


March 21 – April 19

Aries girls are expressive and like to share their ideas, tastes and style with everyone around them. You’ll be the put-together center of attention, mixing a flair for the dramatic with tasteful style.

Your Engagement Beauty

Show off your boldness by choosing dramatic makeup that accentuates your eyes with a dark eye shadow and mascara. Line your top lids with a complementary eyeliner in a rich color. Be sure to balance your makeup by choosing a
simple pulled-back hairstyle such as a chignon or French twist. Pull the entire look together with a glamorous hair pin or spectacular necklace, but be sure to keep the earrings simple and refined.


April 20 – May 20
Down to earth and pragmatic,Taurus is a cool, calm and collected girl. You have a perfectionist streak, but are not a prima donna, and your main focus is enjoying yourself.

Your Engagement Beauty

By nature you’re a perfectionist, and your wedding day is no exception. Splurge on a make-up artist and hair stylist who will be able to give you exactly the look you want.Your best bet is a natural look with neutral makeup in muted colors that complement your skin tone. Add a touch of drama with a unique necklace, but comfort is key for you so keep your hair down and avoid a tightly pinned up ’do.

gemini cancer
Gemini Cancer


May 21 – June 20

Known as great communicators, a Gemini girl will love sharing her plans with everyone around. Surround yourself with a close support group when choosing your look.

Your Engagement Beauty

With chic, modern and often nontraditional tastes, Geminis gravitate toward makeup that is simple and sleek.Try a light lip color with a gloss for slick sheen, and lightly done smoky eyes in a bolder color. A sleek pulled-back hairstyle, such as a sophisticated low ponytail, is most suited to your style.Accessorize with a unique necklace.


June 21 – July 22
As someone who thinks with her heart, a Cancer girl will put a lot of thought into her engagement festivities. Sentimental touches such as incorporating family heirlooms will make everything more special.
Your Engagement Beauty
A classic and natural beauty, Cancer will look and feel best in light makeup using a simple color palette. Stick with subtle lipstick colors and light brown eye shadows. A traditional up ’do will complement your look and highlight your face. Choose delicate accessories, and make this the centerpiece of your look.

leo virgo
Leo Virgo


July 23 – August 22
Always in the spotlight, the Leo girl will love being the center of it all when she gets engaged. Ensure all eyes are on you with a dramatic look from head to toe.
Your Engagement Beauty
Smoky eyes with dark shadow worn with bright lipstick is the best way to achieve a dramatic look that is unique and bold.Make sure to consult with a make-up artist who can help you choose colors that best complement your skin tone and hair color. Pull your hair back in a low bun, but add a touch of drama with a fantastic hairpiece. Set off the entire
ensemble with a pair of earrings that pick up on the embellishments of your outfit.


August 23 – September 22
Classic, elegant and discriminating,Virgo gals love being engaged and all the hoopla that comes with it. Revel in this time and keep your look simple, so you can enjoy everything else, too.

Your Engagement Beauty

Inspired by fashion mavens such as Jackie O and Coco Chanel, you’ll want your look to be perfectly elegant. Keep the makeup natural, and highlight your features with shades of pink and brown. The classic chignon is the perfect Virgo ’do, especially when paired with a delicate hair comb. A single strand of pearls (perhaps a family heirloom) and a pair of designer slingback shoes complete this timeless look.

libra scorpio
Libra Scorpio


September 23 – October 22
Always seeking balance, a Libra girl will want all aspects of her life to work in harmony together.You’ll enjoy finding a theme and incorporating it into your look.
Your Engagement Beauty
Choose neutral makeup that complements your features and pulls together your entire look. Keep your hair simple with a down ’do style accented by a hairpiece with the same style and stones as your other jewelry. If your outfit has a predominant color, try coordinating your accessories with this hue.


October 23 – November 21
Emotionally engaged and passionate about all things, a Scorpio girl knows what she wants and will work hard to make sure she gets it. Your look reflects this sophisticated flair for drama.

Your Engagement Beauty

Show off your style with bright lipstick in a bold hue such as deep red or magenta, and define your eyes with false lashes and dark eyeliner. Complete the look wth an accessories ensemble—chandelier earrings, a dramatic hairpiece and a fierce purse.

saggitarius capricorn
Sagittarius Capricorn


November 22 – December 21
A deep thinker with spiritual inclinations, the Sagittarius girl will avoid getting caught up in the details of her engagement, but focus her attention on the bigger picture.
Your Engagement Beauty
A clean and polished look suits the Sagittarius girl. Find a cute sundress and matching shoes.Wear minimal makeup in neutral colors, and keep your hair out of your face with a stylish and simple pulled-up hairstyle.


December 22 – January 19
Working hard to achieve results is a hallmark of the Capricorn girl, who may enjoy taking on do-it-yourself projects. Incorporate this attitude by keeping your look chic and simple.
Your Engagement Beauty
Consider a traditional look with light makeup that has a punch of color to highlight your best feature, be it your eyes, lips or cheekbones. An uncomplicated hairstyle such as a low ponytail or bun works well for Capricorn. Simplicity is also key when it comes to accessories—a single strand necklace or pearl earrings are a good fit.

aquarius pisces
Aquarius Pisces


January 20 – February 18
Often idealistic and optimistic, the Aquarius girl is keen on pleasing others as well as herself. Find the best of both worlds by mixing modern and traditional looks.
Your Engagement Beauty
With an eye for accessorizing,Aquarius will have no problem picking out the perfect jewelry. In fact, it might be hard for you to choose with so many options. Add a touch of modernity in your makeup with a colorful bouquet of transparent pastel eyes shadows. Keep your hair pulled back to let the rest of your look stand out.


February 19 – March 20
A true romantic with deep-seated intuition, a Pisces girl loves being engaged and the celebration of love that it is all about. Reflect this romance with glam that is sweet and stylish.
Your Engagement Beauty
A dreamy, ethereal look is a good fit for the Pisces girl. Shimmering eyes, dewy lips and soft pink cheeks create a picture-perfect romantic look. Add a touch of romance by choosing lace-accented accessories, and wear your hair down in delicate curls for a look that is regal and graceful.

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