Easter Proposal Prank


This is just one of those things, in my opinion, that you don’t do. Setting up like you’re going to propose and being nervous and all is one thing… but doing it knowing full well you don’t mean it? Yeah… I would have dumped him.

So, guy calls girlfriend to come meet him and leaves a trail of Easter eggs for her to follow to “the grass of love.” Friends are there with balloons, acting all romantic, and he has a golden egg that, along with his speech, would make someone think there’s a ring in there. But as soon as he drops to one knee, he asks, “Will you have an egg fight with me?”

His friends have then reappeared and begin pelting eggs at her.

The “proposal” starts around 2:05. I just can’t believe that he would do this to her after being together for three years. I mean, three months is one thing… but three years? It would have taken a lot for me to withhold tears. I wouldn’t have been a good sport like she is.

What do you think? How would you have reacted?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    OH H*** NO! That is cruel!!! I would be so upset.. sure as heck not stand around there. He would have to be on his knees! Maybe they have that kind of relationship… but I think it is hurtful and you don’t play with somebody’s feelings like that!

  2. Tess says:

    Not funny! Cruel! I hope she leaves you.!!!

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