Why A Thanksgiving Proposal is Fantastic


When it comes to proposing, other holidays often take the spotlight. You of course have Christmas. What could be better than mistletoe and Christmas lights? And New Years is a great symbol of starting fresh together. Don’t get me started on Valentine’s Day. We all know that one speaks for itself.

But Thanksgiving is one of the most perfect holidays to plan a proposal. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked. Need a little convincing? We have plenty of reasons Turkey Day could be the perfect gateway to your new life together.

1. It’s a day about giving thanks so the speech writes itself

Think about it. Most guys focus on expressing how much they love their girlfriend when they propose. But how many actually stop to say why they’re thankful for their lady? On a day where giving thanks is the main event, you’ll surprise her with how thoughtful you are if you can work in why you’re thankful she’s in your life. Check out this guy’s speech as everyone goes around talking about what they’re thankful for. He mentions how he hopes they can do Thanksgiving every year and then gets down on one knee. How romantic! (Speed a head to the minute mark)

2. The family is already there to celebrate

Many guys like to propose with the family nearby, either for a quick congratulations or even an epic engagement party. Thanksgiving is already a day for family so there’s less coordinating for you. If her family is super important to her, having a proposal where her family can witness the occasion or be there to congratulate right after could be her dream come true. And let’s be honest, no other holiday screams “FAMILY” like Thanksgiving does.

3. Better yet– you can have the family involved

Check out what this guy did below. Basically the girl’s mother starts giving a random speech before dinner and then another cousin gets up to give a speech, but doesn’t really have one and fumbles around a bit. Then the cousin points to the groom-to-be and says that he should say a speech. It’s the perfect set up to get the family feeling like they’re involved but also making it possible for the boyfriend to propose.

4. It distracts the conversation from politics

If your family is anything like mine, there will be some kind of heated discussion about politics or religion or something that’s just downright uncomfortable. However, no uncles can get in a word war about sensitive issues when everyone is fawning over your future plans (and that beautiful ring of yours!). Trust me, you’re doing your family a favor by providing the topic of conversation.

Would you propose on Thanksgiving?


Photo Credit: ThinkandSave.com

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  1. Katie says:

    Ugh… Patiently waiting, and hoping my boyfriend sees this aHosrticle!!
    His brother and now sister-in-law got engaged 2 Thanksgivings ago and it was so amazing… The entire room full of people were celebrating and it was just so sweet! :) and this year his whole fausmily has been dropping hints about us being next, etc…. I hope I hope I hope!

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