How to have a “hoppy” Easter proposal


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There are plenty of holidays that hog proposals. Christmas, New Years, and of course Valentines Day are among the most popular. Even Thanksgiving snags a couple good ones each year.

But there are some holidays that just seems to go unnoticed in the proposal world and I’m not sure why. Easter to me is one of those coolest though and has tons of proposal possibilities.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love the religious meaning and the commercial fun of bunnies, eggs and everything Spring. And since most women want Spring weddings, wouldn’t you think that would tie in perfectly?

Here are some tips on how to have a cute, adorable Easter proposal.

1) Hide the ring in an Egg. Who doesn’t like a good, old-fashioned egg hunt? Whether you hide eggs around the house, backyard or even just pull an egg out of your pocket for her– if your lady loves Easter, she’ll think it’s adorable. If you do hide the eggs outdoors…make sure that particular egg is in plain view and no where to be lost or taken by some rogue, chocolate-crazed child.

2) Mold your own hollow chocolate bunny with the ring inside. This is the only safe way to do a ring in food scenario. NEVER hide rings IN food. But hollow sugary goodness? Eh, that’s okay for a special day like today.

3) Propose to her in her Easter dress with cameras nearby. Secretly, every girl wants to look BEAUTIFUL the day she gets proposed to. Most guys overlook this detail, causing many girls to get proposed to in sweat suits, etc. If your girl is a church-loving lady, take advantage of her getting all dolled up in her floral Easter dress and pop the question. Have a camera nearby to capture the moment as well.

DO NOT hide it inside of a Peep. That’s just gross.

Have a happy Easter from everyone here at Engagement 101!




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