QUIZ: Is He About to Propose?


You knew when you met him there was something different about him. Maybe it was the way he slightly moved the hair out of your face when you first kissed. Or how your hands molded together so perfectly it felt like they were always meant to hold one another. It could have been how your parents liked him the second they met him – and honestly, so did you. Your guy is a very special and sweet part of your life and you’re ready for that next step – but is he? Take our quiz to see if the big question is coming up or if you’re in for a little longer of a wait.

  1. How long have you been exclusively dating your boyfriend?

  2. Have you met each other’s families?

  3. Do you live together? Or have you talked about it?

  4. Have you talked about marriage with your guy?

  5. In your heart-of-hearts, how serious do you think your boyfriend feels about you?

  6. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself five, ten or fifteen years from now. Can you comfortably (and easily) imagine your life with your boyfriend?

  7. How has he been acting lately that makes you wonder about engagement plans?

  8. What’s your guy’s financial situation?

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Dating for 10 years and he’s acting strange like messaging wedding bells to me , engagement ring emoji , he said his mom wants to show me something , and he ask me if I prefer proposal or just get marry..so iM nervous as hell

  2. Tanya Donovan says:

    Thank you for this quiz.

  3. Antoinette says:

    Did you get married yet Jasmine, I have dealt with Terry thirty plus years ago we crossed each others path again this time he gave me an engagement ring now we are both scared he got cold feet

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