Cooking Class Proposal


It is amazing what lengths men will go to when planning a proposal. A free cooking class, signs, code words, multiple cameras, and a refrigerated surprise were all prepared for this one.

Jennifer loves to cook, and her boyfriend wanted to plan a proposal that would be remembered. She was told that they had won a cooking class at one of her favorite local kitchens. Little did she know what it would hold for her!

Her boyfriend, Nick, worked out all the details with the chef before the class. There were coded phrases (“Will you get a strawberry” equals “Set up the refrigerator camera”), signs (you see the assistant holding up a sign informing the other students he’s about to propose), and of course—the surprise waiting in the fridge.

You have to love that it takes Jennifer a while to even see the sign in the refrigerator (2:22 on the video). Frantically looking for the cream that the chef asked her to get must have really been keeping her occupied to not notice the sign surrounded by strawberries and roses!

The real kicker with this proposal? After going through all this hard work and getting everyone involved, the guy still gives an amazing speech. It’s not a simple, “Will you marry me?” which you would think would suffice after planning an amazing proposal. Oh, no. He lays it on thick, so much so that it brings just about everyone (or at least everyone we see on the video) to tears.

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