Don’t Let Snow Put a Damper on Proposing


The weather outside may be frightful, especially in the Northeast, but don’t let a little (or a lot) of snow completely derail you proposal plan. Even if it makes the original idea completely impossible to execute, have the snow work for you as a plan B.

Check out this adorable snow proposal that happened just this week. It’s a different, yet just as romantic spin, to the beachy helicopter proposal we posted this past week. The girl went on an airplane ride with friends and when she looked out, “WILL YOU MARRY ME” was written in the snow. Obviously, it’d be harder to see in the snow with it being white on white, so he had shoveled the outlines of the words and put red balloons in the crevices.

When the plane landed right next to the words, her future husband opened the airplane doors and she immediately jumped into his arms. Talk about sweet.

The best part? Their families were watching from a distance and threw a party for them immediately after. If that’s not a perfect proposal and a wonderful day, I don’t know what is!

Are you proposing despite the snow?


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