Is Twitter Killing Romance?


A blogger over at Thoughtpick is not happy with the rising trend of Twitter proposals. They argue that technology is killing the old fashioned proposal, the kind where the guy gets on one knee and the woman fans herself excitedly with a handkerchief. True, there’s something that’s a little…tacky that comes with mixing romance and technology.

For one, there’s a bit of fad-ism involved. A Twitter or Facebook proposal might seem kind of quirky and cute now, but what about a year from now when Twitter is obsolete and has been replaced with another social network fad? Would that be like your grandpa telling you how he proposed to grandma via telegraph? Oh, I’m sure it was the coolest thing ever back then, but now it would just seem kind of comical and weird.

Since people are always competing for “most memorable proposal ever” award, Twitter and Facebook are the easiest tools at pulling proposals that are unique and grab lots of public and media attention. But to say it’s singlehandedly responsible for killing romance is a bit extreme.

If anything, technology is making showmanship easier. And since it’s easier, everyone is doing it (kind of like those proposals that take place via Jumbotron). Sure it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but what comes with evolving technology is an evolving culture. If anything, we could say that over-the-top proposals are the biggest thing right now with everyone competing to have the proposal that tops all proposals. So, to be honest, technology has had a hand at creating this current phenomenon, and it’s one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

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