The Right Engagement Ring for Your Ring Finger Shape


Trouble finding the right ring for your finger shape? Here are a few very useful tips from engagement ring designer Sylvie Levine from the Sylvie Collection, along with a delightful selection of rings for your large knuckles, wide or long finger!

Long Ring Finger

“Long, slender fingers simply can have it all. So go bold with a fancy and original engagement ring. You can pull it off.”

Evelyn H 

Sylvie Collection

Large Ring Finger

“Strong women have strong fingers! To enhance their femininity, you can go for an ornate setting with floral or vintage motifs.”

Sylvie Collection

Laurence Bruyninckx

Big Knuckles

“Thicker or heavily adorned bands draw attentions to the ring instead of the middle of the finger. They are a perfect way to find the perfect balance.”

Coast Diamond

Jack Kelége


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