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The world’s most famous two spinels are part of the British Crown Jewels, but these beautiful red gems are traveling under an assumed name AKA rubies.  Spinels aren’t only found in red… this is one of Megan’s favorite gemstones because of its wide variety of colors including shades of pinks, purples, blues, oranges and more! In 2016, the American Gem Trade Association and Jewelers of America announced spinel as August’s additional birthstone!

Admirers: Looking back at history, Henry VIII of England, Peter the Great of Russia, and the Mongol conqueror, Tamerlane, all admired spinel! Spinel was widely sought after by royalty and this incredible gemstone has garnered respect for centuries.

August spinel Leigh Maxwell Jewelry with Anza Gems stone r

Here is an example of a stunning purple spinel ethically sourced by Anza Gems and set in an exquisite brushed gold setting by Leigh Maxwell Jewelry.

August Adam Levy Spinel

We discovered this engagement ring by Adam Levy when judging for the AGTA editorial award this year and fell in love with it. It is a purple spinel too but not as vivid. The two tapered side diamonds are gorgeous.



gemstone peridot hardness

The fresh lime green of peridot is its distinctive signature. The beauty of peridot, the gem form of the mineral olivine, is a result of extreme conditions. Peridot is found in the rocks created by volcanoes and even in meteors that fall to earth. A few samples of extraterrestrial peridot have even been faceted into gems. Peridot is formed deep within the earth under tremendous heat and pressure.

Admirers: Peridot has been admired for centuries! Historians believe there is evidence suggesting Cleopatra’s royal jewels were actually peridot! Modern archeologists believe Egyptian priests used cups encrusted with peridot to achieve communion with their nature gods.

August peridot krikawa

This stone is  soft so not recommended as a center stone for an engagement ring, if you plan on wearing it all the time.  However, this  Krikawa Tree of Life engagement ring does feature a peridot as the center and comes with an intricate matching wedding band. You could decide to wear the band all the time and wear the engagement ring for special occasions.


Interested in another birthstone engagement ring? Check out another month.

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