Should You Propose to Him?


So you’ve been dating for quite some time and though it’s a bit untraditional, you’re starting to wonder if you should just bite the bullet and get down on bended knee. You’re not alone! The major trend in engagements this year is ladies proposing to their leading men, but is it the right time for you to pop the question? Or is just about to ask and you just need to be a little more patient? Take our quiz to find out:

  1. How long have you been dating?

  2. Have you talked about marriage yet?

  3. How often do you fight? And how do you handle disagreements as they come up in your relationship?

  4. When it comes to the big things in life: handling money, having children, where you should live and your future career aspirations, how do you handle those discussions as a couple?

  5. Does your family dig your guy?

  6. When you’ve mentioned that you want to get married - sometime soon - how does he react?

  7. Have any of your guy’s best friends proposed to their girlfriends?

  8. When it comes to sex, how happy are you?

  9. In your gut - do you believe he’s the love of your life?

  10. Be honest: how do you think he’d respond to being proposed to?

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  1. Beatriz says:

    I got. Go For It, Lady! This guy is in it for the long run, but he just might not be the proposing kind. Don’t worry about old traditions and make a new one for your relationship and your future marriage! You know (and we do) that he’ll say yes – you just have to ask!

  2. nah says:

    Nah, a man is to be a man and get on one knee to propose to me as a woman, beautiful and intelligence lady. An American Girl.

  3. Dany says:

    Give it a Little While Longer
    It seems like he’s so crazy about you and so ready to call you his wife – that he might just ask sooner than later. Drop a few hints and keep your wits about you – if he’s ready to propose, we bet he’ll do it soon.
    Should You Propose to Him?

  4. Tif says:

    Fun quiz

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